A shocking incident came to light from Kerala on Saturday (10th April) when Hindus from Palakkad in Kerala posted videos of shooting of controversial movie glorifying Love Jihad in front of a temple and putting up Indian Muslim League flag and Communist Party’s flags there.

The local Hindus stooped the shooting of the controversial movie named ‘Neeyam Nadi’ in front of Vayilamkunnu temple complex at Kadampazhipuram in Palakkad, Kerala. The film is directed by Aashiq Shinu Salman. The film crew had also purportedly put up Indian Muslim League flags (which resembles Pakistan’s flag) and Communist party flags in front of the temple.

The enraged Hindu locals said that the crew deliberately chose to shoot the controversial movie with provocative scenes like a young Hindu girl coming down the steps of the temple falling in love instantly with a Muslim boy walking along with several Muslims in their Islamic attire with the skullcap et al.

The Hindus were offended by the choice of place for shooting which hurt their sentiments along with the paraphernalia of crowding the place with men clad in Islamic attires and the Hindu girl in traditional attire falling head over heals for a Muslim boy.

They pertinently raised the question, why isn’t the story line other way around, i.e. a Muslim girl in traditional Islamic attire coming out of a mosque seeing a Hindu boy in traditional attire along with several Hindu men and falling in love with him? And they also asked how would their reaction be if such an alternative story was shot in front of a Jumma Masjid with Hindu flags lined up in front of the Masjid and many Hindu men crowding the place?


The shooting was disrupted due to strong protests by the Hindu community. The Muslim director of the controversial movie, called the police and the police bundled up innocent Hindu protesters and arrested five Hindu men. According to Opindia, the five Hindus arrested are Sreejith, Sachithanandan, Subramanian, Babu and Sabareesh.. The young protesters were arrested for illegal gathering and trespassing on the set.

Notably, the temple authorities did not give permission for the filming. E Krishnadas, the BJP district President, said that no permission was given for the shooting of the film by the temple committee and the Devaswom Board.

The executive officer of the Vayilamkunnu temple reportedly said that he has no knowledge of any permission granted for shooting the movie in question at its premises. The temple authorities are planning to file complaint against the film director and crew for filming the movie without any permission for the same.

There is a long standing trend in the Bollywood Hindi film industry and the other regional movies, especially Malayalam movies which is dominated by directors and artists with anti-Hindu orientation from communist and Abrahamic backgrounds. Invariably the scripts would portray traditional Hindu men in very poor light as being casteist and misogynistic, while traditional Muslim men and their families would be shown as very liberal and honest.

The movies would always have one way Hindu-Muslim love stories, where the girl would be always a Hindu and the Boy a traditional Muslim and the movies would end with the Hindu girl leaving her misogynistic Hindu family and eloping with her Muslim boyfriend by comfortably getting into a Muslim family and observing Islamic faith. This is nothing but sheer marketing of Love Jihad by anti-Hindu communist-Abrahamic cabal.

Hindus of Kerala have started to protest in a big way against the systematic targeting of Hindus and Hindu traditions in movies and literary works coupled with the problem of having to face an explosion of organised Love Jihad cases in Kerala.



News input: Mathrubhumi, Opindia. Image sourced from Opindia.

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