Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad is an Islamophobic conspiracy theory alleging that Muslim men target women belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam.

Stage 1:

To begin with the muslim women help muslim men to get in touch with teenage and underage girls from other communities except Islam. Those muslim men after befriending these innocent hindu girls offer them free rides to local parks, pubs, fancy restaurants and many more places. Never to forget nothing comes for free in this era. Innocent hindu girls don’t realize when they get lured into the trap of jihadis.

The innocent hindu girl is then made to believe that this is the freedom that she should demand from her parents and constitutional rights is then fed into her head to support the freedom narrative. Not that she was not free at her home or she was unwillingly staying at her house until now.

Everytime she is been told that how hindu girls are treated and how her parents and rest of the family members are blocking/stopping her from doing what she wants to do in her life and its her choice. Everything is just a narrative and brain washing of poor hindu girls until now.

All names and characters used in this article are fictional and only used to narrate the pathway or progression in the life of a love jihad victim.

Stage 2:

In this stage its action time, now the innocent hindu girl is in love and is dreaming of settling with Abdul. That’s when she is told directly and upfrontly that if she follows islamic rituals may be abdul’s abbu will agree to their marriage, plz remember the girl is still under age. Legal marriage age as per the Indian constitution and Special marriage act 1954 is of at least 18 years of age. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ji during her Budget Speech 2020-21, announced to revise the legal age of marriage for women from 18 years to 21 years. In February 2020, Nirmala Sitharaman ji announced to constitute a task force that will present its recommendations over this in 6 months time period.

This trapped hindu girl, lets call her Sheila doesn’t care about that too because she’s been fed with the non-sense of Muslim Personal Law board and that they only need a Qazi to get the nikah ceremony performed.

Also why wouldn’t she be fed with this fact?
Yes it’s a fact that we have a parallel judiciary system running not in accordance with our Indian constitution written by the great Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar but by the aasmani kitab and shariya laws.

The seed is sown in Sheila’s head now as I said in the beginning of this stage its action time. Sheila’s duppata is now green, if she’s the only earning member of family then her house is painted green, now she is more interested in learning urdu words as if our sanatan literature was not enough, starts watching more videos on YouTube of that traitor Zakir Naik, her food eating habits has now changed from a vegetarian to a meat eater not to mention beef is now her favorite delicacy.

Stage 3:

Sheila is very happy and couldn’t hide her happiness, smiling all the time. Parents worried about her behavior and even thinking about getting her married in their own community but the girl is still underage so they are helpless too. The D day has come Sheila tells her parents about wanting to marry Abdul. Parents obviously deny and don’t allow her to go out but how can long can they do that. After a week Sheila meets Abdul and narrates her ordeal. Abdul then takes her to his house – finally its decided Sheila will first have to convert to Islam then only nikah is possible, within just matter of minutes an old man with saffron color beard arrives with some books and tap water believed to be holy water. Ceremony is completed Sheila is now turned to Salma.

Salma’s nikah is done within minutes of conversion. Abdul’s abbu calls her parents and tell them that their daughter has now converted with her own will and wish and that nobody forced her to do so then the news of nikah is shared. Her parents already in devestated state are in rock bottom state now.

Stage 4:

In this stage Salma is treated like a queen and her not so fortunate parents immediately rush to the local police station, police initially denies to take the complaint let alone investigating on the issue. Then her parents with few close relatives goto meet the local corporator or at the most local MLA. He patiently listens to the ordeal and calls local police station and asks them to get the FIR registered, now that fir is registered 2 old cops are ordered to go to abdul’s house to find out the matter. Salma is allowed to talk to police, and she happily says she is married to abdul with her own choice and is extremely happy staying in abdul’s house. Police as usual gives her a blank paper asks her to give it in writing she already has written the same on a paper which she hands over to the police. Please remember now she lives in abdul’s house, he is always prepared and is impromptu. Only hindus are sleeping since 5000 years and wake up when one of their own is a victim. Police investigation is over, those 2 old cops get back to police station and submit that paper. With that paper the role of police ends here, salma is not allowed to meet her parents though, but salma does not minds that too.

Stage 5:

Parents still did not loose hope of getting back their daughter they talk to few lawyers to see if there is a way out but lawyer first takes his consultation fees then denies of any possibility. On the other side in abdul’s house abdul is very happy he got his share from local mosque to convert 1 Hindu girl and salma’s honeymoon period is over too.
She is now burdened with daily household chores and treated like an outsider in her own house. She now misses her parents and wants to go back to her house or meet her parents but she is not allowed to get out of this stable. Few months gone by – One fine day abdul’s father, abdul’s brother also forces themselves upon her, which later becomes a regular routine. Fed up with all of this she decides to take matters in her own hand and lodges a complaint at a local police station, police as usual do not lodge the complaint but offers to mediate and calls upon the family of Abdul. Corrupt police does the settlement for few thousands which primarily should have been a rape case and a lady office be immediately assigned to the case. Everybody goes home, Abduls family annoyed by all of this decides to get rid of salma once and for all.

Later the next morning salma is burnt alive, nobody tries to save her not even someone from neighborhood helps her. After 30 minutes she is being taken to a hospital where she is bought in with 90% burns so chances of survival are nil. Police goes late to take the statement as hospital has already informed them on arrival of salma but police has already taken the settlement amount from abdul’s family so they have to pay their dues in the form of disloyal service to girl and to the state as well.

Stage 6:

This is the last stage where nothing really happens, its the same story.

  • Abdul has now lured a new innocent Hindu girl
  • Salma’s parents are running from pillar to post to get justice for their daughter who is not alive any more. Om Shanti.
  • Police forgot about the case investigation long back.
  • Government authorities still denying cases of love jihad.
  • Political party spokesperson’s denies it on live TV debates only exception is BJP party and we have seen on many TV debates how BJP spokes person has always took a stand when it comes to love jihad.
  • First time love jihad was spoken about was in the year 2009 in Kerala where the latest trend observed by the locals was a very high number of Hindu girls getting converted to Islam for Nikah.
  • On many occasions many pvt. channels has even published the rate charts for conversion of Hindu girls starting from 10000 INR going upwards to 5 lakhs.
  • Uttar Pradesh CM Shri Yogi ji has promised to get the law passed for love jihad crimes.
  • We have seen news of girls being sold from god’s own country Kerala to ISIS as sex slaves where they are raped 50 times in a day by the cult members of ISIS and all these girls are victims of love jihad.
  • We the society now needs to understand that this is a serious matter which needs governments attention and a strict law be passed against the same so that no Abdul is scot free for his crimes.

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