Yet again, Love Jihad and imposition of Islamist diktat on victim has claimed another life in Kerala. As per reports, Athira, a Hindu girl was killed brutally by her Muslim lover and live-in partner for posting videos on Instagram.

Shanavas, being a orthodox Muslim became very wild about Athira posting videos on the social media platform and killed her brutally by pouring kerosene on her and setting her on fire.

Athira was on a live-in relationship with Shanavas and is survived by a 6 months old baby girl. Athira is a divorcee and was living-in with Shanavas for the past two years.

There is an increasing trend of Islamists trapping young women in love relationships, many a time by faking their identities, with an aim to convert the women and produce children from them. Many a times it is done in organised manner well- known as grooming jihad, where they entrap young girls and women in love affairs, have sexual relationships with them, blackmail them with their sex videos for extorting money and pushing them into flesh trade after conversions.

In Kerala many non-Muslim young girls have been victims of Love Jihad and sent over to Syria by marrying them off to converted non-Muslim men to fight for the ISIS. There are over 20 people who have been sent to Syria from Kerala by nefarious Islamist organisations.

The famous Akhila Asokan/ Hadiya love jihad case also rocked the nation where PFI linked organisations were accused of brainwashing her and converting her to Islam as a young medical student, who abandoned her studies for studying Quran and was married off to a SDPI Islamist with history for violence.

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