Lovely Professional University (LPU) has sacked a member of its teaching faculty allegedly after a video went viral in which she is seen insulting the Hindu god Ram. In a viral video of Gursang Preet Kaur’s presentation during an academic session at the university shows her saying: “Actually Ram is not a good person by heart. Ram is not a good person at all. Ravana is a good person. I find Ram is a cunning person. He made all the plan to trap Sita. He put Sita into trouble and put all the blame on Ravan. How can I decide who is good and evil, and whole world is worshiping Ram and saying that Ravan is a bad person…”

The video soon led to widespread demands to sack the faculty member on social media platforms. Later, the Lovely Professional University (LPU) released a statement saying, “We understand that some people have been hurt by the video shared on social media where one of our faculty members can be heard sharing her personal opinion. We wish to clarify that the views shared by her are absolutely personal, and the university does not endorse any of them. We have always been a secular university, where people from all religions and faith are treated equally with love and respect. She has been relieved from the services with immediate effect. However, we deeply regret this whole incident.”

The university’s chancellor Ashok Kumar Mittal was recently elected to the Rajya Sabha on the Aam Aadmi Party’s nomination.

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