Of all the emanations of the Mother, Maheshvari is the wisest, most patient, grand, noble and august. For she deals with vast scales and tracks of infinite universes. Eons and ages in her vision are a blink of time. And light-years but laggards to her speed of thought.

She can see beyond time for she is time. And no space bars her view for she holds it in her compass. And it is with her unrelenting patience of eternity that the galaxies and supernovae move, and the Milky Way flows, and the Universe evolves. The Sun is barely a point in her sight and the darkness of space and matter her playground.

She is loved by the visionary, the kavi, the rishi, the seer, the darshanik. Who aspire to widen their minds and hearts beyond all horizons and move among the stars as their natural vista. And to give a lead and direction to humanity from its present morass and pit.

For she knows that the seed that is unknown at the present moment, will burst into sapling, and branch into a tree with its blossoms and fruit in future time—for she knows that time is only an unfurling of the divinity that is already the potential in the deepest caverns of matter and nescience.

And she can see the vast forces arrayed for and against the universal movements that she presides over and she allows their play to the fullest potential, so that no possibility remains unexhausted, no potential unexplored. For only then can the fullest, the most perfect perfection be attained, poornasya poorna.

Nor is she lacking in intensity or force but her Shakti is of utmost gentleness that quietly accomplishes what it needs to do. For her light arises from the white universal flame that no darkness can maim, nor any shadow obstruct. And this universal flame is a quiet presence in our own heart, that can never be hurt nor destroyed, the anahata. Fire may not burn, water may not wet nor sword cleave its body of truth and sustained light.

Thus, she resides in our heart as our psychic being, our own chaitya purusha, our secret to immortality and freedom from all afflictions. This is her assurance that she is with us always, no matter how dark the night, or stormy the waters, no matter how strong the asuric forces arrayed against us, no matter even our own imperfections and deficiencies.

And whatever needs to be done is done in her vision. And ages but toil to express her passing wish.

She loves openness and surrender, humility and forbearance and utmost silence. To be still and let her work through us, for even if it seems that she may take generations to manifest her fiat, it is only to ensure that the work is complete to the utmost, the manifestation whole and perfect and indestructible.

For only what she desires shall abide. Rest all shall vanish in a flash when her chosen time has arrived.

Human cognition does not measure up to her reach. But even a touch of her grace gives one the vastness, the heights and the depths that makes understanding complete. And all our descriptions of her but the jottings of a toddler and all our thoughts but the vain attempts to trace the one who is eternally beyond. Always ahead of all our strivings, she is yet with us constantly and as our own most hidden secret and strength.

For without her sustaining love, the Universe would collapse; and without her vision it would not move. In her who is also Mahasarasvati and Mahakali and Mahalakshmi, we seek the ultimate resolution of all the contradictions that afflict our present humanity.

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