The Maharashtra police on Thursday filed a FIR against rabid Hindu hater Islamist Jihadi for his highly provocative insulting and demeaning tweets on Bhagwan Shri Ram and devotees of Bhagwan Ram. He had alluded in his tweets that devotees of Bhagwan Ram are terrorists.

Sharjeel Usmani had tweeted on May 17th, “A Hindu chanting Jai Shree Ram is most likely a terrorist”. Sharjeel Usmani has a history of making anti-Hindu statements and insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses. He has in the past made several derogatory statements against Hindus and Hinduism.

The Maharashtra police has registered a FIR under Section 295A of the IPC and other relevant sections of the IT Act. The FIR was lodged on a police complaint made by Ambadas Ambhore, a volunteer of the Hindu Jagran Manch.

Pertinently, Usmani is out on bail and accused in the anti-CAA riots case. Usmani is a darling of the Hinduphobic so-called ‘liberal’ gang which is a motely crowd of Maoists, Jihadists, Christian missionaries, anti-Hindu political parties and their fellow travellers in the media.

Usmani is a son of a senior faculty member of the Aligarh Muslim University. Usmani too was a student leader at the Aligarh Muslim University.

Usmani’s twitter timeline is filled with hate speech and venom against Hindu community inciting violence against Hindus. Notably, when senior journalist Rohit Sardana passed away a few weeks back, Usmani had perversely showered him with abuses and rejoiced on his death. It is surprising that the Twitter did not ban his account permanently when it has done so of scores of others for their pro-Hindu views without any rhyme nor reason.

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