On 8th February 2021, In Lok Sabha, Mahua Moitra, a Trinamool Congress MP, Criticized the judiciary and the current government in the parliament . Moitra stated “The sacred cow that was the judiciary is no longer sacred, It stopped being sacred the day a sitting chief justice of this country was accused of sexual harassment, presided over his own trial, cleared himself and then proceeded to accept the nomination to the upper house within three months of retirement, replete with Z+ security cover”. The speech caused an uproar in the house with member of the ruling party calling it ‘objectionable’ and violating parliamentary rules because it mentioned a person in “high authority”. Member of opposition supported the speech as it was based on facts which are matters of public record. The remarks were finally expunged from the records.

First, let’s analyze the allegation on ex CJI on sexual harassment and Secondly, why the left wing parties in India are after CJI Gogoi.

The allegations against Justice Gogoi surfaced in April 2019 when four news outlets published details of complaint filed by a Supreme Court staffer against Gogoi.
She alleged that she was sexually harassed by CJI Gogoi while working as a Junior Court Assistant in October 2018. In a representation sent out to Supreme Court judges, she had detailed these allegations while seeking the initiation of an inquiry against CJI Gogoi.
A three-judge committee headed by Justice S A Bobde constituted to look into the allegations gave a clean chit to Justice Gogoi.

Hence, the allegation that he himself presided over the committee and gave a clean chit to himself is factually incorrect and a rumour to defame him.

Why are some lobbies after Mr. Gogoi?

  1. An Intelligence Bureau report stated that some people were unhappy with Justice Gogoi because of his tough stand on finalization of NRC-Assam and had been hatching conspiracy to defame Mr. Gogoi.
  2. Mr. Gogoi headed the bench which paved way for construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya.

Thinking more about it, political parties like Left, TMC and lately Shiv Sena are not only pro-Muslim, they are anti Hindus. They can go to any length to demean the persons or bodies which work for upliftment of Hindus. Its important that Hindus remain aware of such tricks and don’t get ensnared.

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