A video showing Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee shaking her leg which was injured while she was campaigning for W.B General Elections in Nandigram , has gone viral online. The video shows Mamata Banerjee moving her plastered leg back and forth while sitting on a wheelchair. After the video went viral online, On one side reacting to the video TMC condemned the “manner in which party supremo has been insulted” while on the other side opposition started trolling Bengal C.M Mamata Banerjee about the video. So, now the question comes Is Really Bengal C.M Mamata Banerjee got injured in her leg or it’s an attempt to gain sympathy votes to win the Battle Of Bengal ? Along with this one more question arises Can “Wheel Chair” theory of TMC will help it to retain it’s power as ruling party in Bengal or people will opt for ” Vikas Hobe” ? Although time will give answer to this question so we should wait and watch the whole scenario of Bengal Election till the end.

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