While Mamata coolly sweeps under the carpet and completely denies the ongoing brutal massacre and violence unleashed by her party criminals from May 2nd, the day assembly election results were declared, her government goes on a rampage throttling free speech and dissent by arresting people and filing FIRs against social media posts on the post-poll Bengal violence.

Mamata government’s prime occupation is to let the TMC criminals have their way on the ground targeting BJP workers and voters by burning their homes and shops, killing several of them, commit rapes and when these incidents are posted in the social media platforms, stifle it by calling them “fake news” and arrest people who dare to report such incidents.

The Print has reported that West Bengal police has claimed to identify 550 so-called “fake” posts on post-poll violence in Bengal on social media. The West Bengal police have reportedly blocked 150 posts, registered 34 FIRs and arrested 21 people for their social media posts on Bengal violence.

FIRs have also been registered against senior BJP leaders Kailash Vijayvargiya, Suvendhu Adhikari and Agnimitra Paul.

These FIRs and arrests seems to have been Mamata herself as she had loftily declared on Monday, there is no genocide in Bengal, it is all a creation of BJP’s IT cell as they cannot digest defeat in elections.

BJP has lost several elections before and even now it lost in Tamil Nadu along with its ally AIADMK, the BJP did not claim a genocide of its workers in TN. Moreover, it is not just the BJP, the left parties and Congress workers have also put up pictures and videos of attack on their party workers in social media post, Aishe Ghosh of AISA is one of them.

BJP IT Cell head, Amit Malviya strongly denounced the clamping of dissenting voices on social media by Mamata Banerjee. According to the Print, he reportedly stated, “Murder of BJP workers and supporters amidst large scale retributive political violence unleashed by TMC cadres and Mamata Banerjee’s studied silence on the bloodletting in the state is a grim reality.”

He further added that, “She should focus on reining in her cadres and allow the administration to act against the marauding mobs, who are looking towards her for instructions, instead of trying to divert attention using fissiparous arguments”.

Mamata instead of containing violence and booking criminals in her own party who go around killing and maiming people for exercising their political choice, is cracking down on opposition leaders and dissenters who dare to put out the picture of violence perpetrated by her own cadres which is not reported by the mainstream media following an Omerta Code of Silence.

The Champions of free speech are gloating and egging on Mamata to completely annihilate any dissent from West Bengal and this happens in a country which follows a Democratic and Secular Constitution!

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