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Yesterday, the microblogging platform, Twitter, was flooded with videos of Swara Bhaskar complaining about the alleged restrictions on FOE in the country. She was literally accepting that people of her ilk have become unemployed as people no longer give two hoots about what these alleged constitution savers say or preach. Maybe she tried explaining that their earlier privileges which they didn’t struggle to earn were bestowed to them on the virtue of their ideological leanings, stands withdrawn. 

But what was more amusing and ironic that the petition was being made to none other than Mamta Banerjee, the CM of West Bengal who has always hit headlines for the misrule and the political violence in her state, driving away investment and industries from Bengal and open appeasement in the veil of secularism. 

It isn’t that the country is not aware of what all is happening in the state of West Bengal. Generally speaking, no one would have a problem with Mamata supporting Muslims and doing great things for them. In Fact,  it is really good that she is doing something for their progress BUT THAT SHOULDN’T BE DONE BY SUPPRESSING THE HINDUS OR ANY OTHER RELIGION.It is not about majority and minority or Hindu and Muslim. It is about wrong and right actions.She wants development of the Muslim community- THIS IS RIGHTShe wants that at the cost of other religions – THIS IS WRONG.

A Small list of all wrongs she did in these past 11 years are:-

She has literally given a lot undue and unnecessary importance to the Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque. It appears as if he is running a parallel government with that of her.

Dhulagarh riots – When video footage, victims and eye witnesses claimed about the riot, Mamata bluntly refused to accept that any riot had taken place in Dhulagarh. The mainstream Media too found it unimportant to cover.

Ban off Durga Puja in a village in Birbhum district. I don’t exactly remember the name of the village but Hindus are a minority in that village. That’s why the administration has banned Durga Puja celebrations in that village saying that it might disturb the law and order situation. So, dear administration, if we go by your logic, then no other Hindu festivals should be celebrated in India. Moreover, just imagine, if Muslims were prevented from celebrating Eid , everyone would have started chanting INTOLERANCE ANTHEM.

Mamata government passed orders to stop Durga idols immersion after 6pm on the Day of Vijaydashami and on its subsequent day because the subsequent day happened to be Muharram. The order became null and void only after an order by Calcutta High Court turned it down. This problem could easily have been solved, if the Durga idols immersion processions and Muharram processions were allocated different routes (which don’t cross each other).

If I put it in the words of a native of Bengal, who doesn’t wish to be named, says -“She is a dictator of the worst type. If the Dictator is truly benevolent, he or she can do a lot for the state or the country. There are lots of examples like Deng Xiao Ping, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, President Trần Đại Quang of Vietnam who took Vietnam to be one of the most investor friendly countries of the world and one of the fastest developing countries of the world. And what Mamata did after coming to power in West Bengal, first she kicked out Tatas from Singur. How many times Ratan Tata wanted to meet Mamata after she came to power, Mamata just ignored him. There was a huge RS 40,000/ Crore plan for Nandigram by Selim Group of Indonesia , largest deep sea port in India, Huge refinery and Petrochemical complex , but she never wanted them. Now Haldia Port and Calcutta Port are getting choked due to slit formation and she is now planning for a new port in Tajpur, god knows it will happen or not. Jindal wanted 3 large projects in Salboni in West Bengal, a large steel plant, a 800 megawatt power plant and a cement plant, all went haywire due to the indifference of Mamata. Then there were twelve large software projects that were supposed to be set up in Rajarhat Newtown, from Infosys to Wipro to IBM to Larsen and Toubro, they all packed up as Mamata refused to give the SEPEZ zone status. They all have moved to Bangalore. Although Tatas are not making Nano cars any more, maximum Tata cars of other models are coming out from Sanand Plant, where the Nano project was shifted from Singur. Recently, the 3,00,000th Tata Tiago Rolled Out from the Sanand Plant.”

To deny that Mamata Banerjee is a charismatic leader would be under statement. She is credited with dismissing Communists’ stranglehold of Bengal for a long time, about 30 years. But after becoming CM she went down and down the ladder and climbed up and up in arrogance, cheap political stunts, appeasement, uncontrolled corruption by near dear and party goons, admitting encroachers for vote consolidation. Mamta Banerjee has consolidated her vote bank. She adopted the culture of her mother party (congress) culture. Her all action is sweet coated to suit her political ambition.

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