Pea-brained Alia Bhatt does it again.  It is no secret that Alia lacks basic general knowledge skills and this time she’s also demonstrated that she can be paid and swayed by anti-Hindu agents to insult the concept of kanyadaan.  

The most ironic thing is that a clothing company – Manyavar is the entity which hopes to sell bridal clothing to Hindus by insulting Hindus.  This is done by crafting an advertising blitz and hiring a subpar starlet to insult Hindu culture, tradition and practices while sitting in a wedding mandap setting, fully dressed in Hindu bridal clothing. 

This bizarre set up has Hindus up and screaming about the hypocrisy, the lies, and general eradication attempts to undermine, malign and shame Hindus and their practices.   

Does Manyavar think that Hindus are idiots? 

Or are they only trying to influence a handful of confused, woke Hindus?  It’ll be news to them that their strategy has indeed backfired and hope that people will boycott, err… cancel both Manyavar and Alia out.  It is idiotic to expect parents to continue shopping at Manyavar after insulting their base beliefs and culture via this ultra woke ad.

Alia is a terrible choice to lecture anyone on wokeness and rituals.  We are told not to judge a son by the sins of his father but boy, Ashraf (Mahesh) Bhatt and his multiple marriages and divorces, kids from different women, a son allegedly involved with terrorist activities, a daughter – Pooja – whom Ashraf once claimed wanting to marry and the latest scandal – Ashraf’s involvement with the girlfriend of the now deceased Sushant Singh Rajput make Alia a horrible choice to be a spokesperson about anything, especially anything related to sanctity of marriage and the concept of kanyadaan.

Alia is still single as far as we know and has never experienced a wedding ceremony, let alone a Hindu ceremony and seems to have been paid to spew venom for the sake of staying legit in the crumbling Bollywood industry.  She has managed to cancel herself out.

Hindu netizens are ready to nail the coffin shut; Manyavar and Alia only have themselves to blame.  

Jai Shri Raam

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