A shocking case of 15 year old minor girl’s sexual assault by a Christian Pastor named Father Henry along with three others has come to light in Chennai. Surprisingly, the mainstream media which claims to unequivocally stand up against sexual violence of young children and women, is completely silent in this case.

There are no opeds or TV debates questioning the safety and vulnerability of the minor girl child who was being subjected to sexual assault by a Christian Pastor, her own uncle and two other persons at her own relative’s place.

The young girl is the daughter of a playback singer hailing from Hyderabad. According to reports, the playback singer works at a private TV channel in Chennai. Due to her demanding work schedule, she used to leave her daughter under the care of her sister’s family in Chinmaya Nagar at Chennai while she went for her job.

The young minor girl was regularly sexually assaulted by a Christian Pastor named Father Henry, the singer’s brother-in-law and two other relatives.

When the young girl complained to her singer mother about her horrifying trauma, the singer approached the all-women police station in Kilpauk Chennai and registered a complaint against all the four tormentors.

The Kilpauk Police have arrested all the four accused and charged them under the POCSO Act and a detailed investigation is underway in the matter.

This incident and several other sexual assault cases which involves Christian or Muslim clergy is regularly swept under the carpet by the media. The same media runs campaigns against alleged sexual assaults by Asaram Bapu or Baba Ram Rahim for months together, some media houses even enact fictitious dramas in their news rooms.

An objective coverage of sexual assault cases involving the priestly class across all faiths is welcome by the media. But the over zealousness in some cases and complete silence in others depending on the accused’s religion is highly deplorable. But the police should be lauded in this case for doing their job and not dithering to arrest the Pastor, which otherwise would have endangered the safety of both the young vulnerable girl and her mother.

News input: The Commune; Image sourced from the internet.

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