First Let me Make it clear : Violence/Rape threats/Abuse against any of these clowns is NOT ACCEPTABLE, Regardless of how rotten these POS are, we are not them. Having Said that, Abusing Hindus is not cool, if you do that – You will face consequences – legal consequences.

“Making Rape jokes, Mocking Indian Army, Abusing Hindus is not comedy. If you enjoy this, you’ve got to be retarded.”

Agrima Joshua, or agrima Kaur Khan (as she likes to put it) is a pretty famous public figure- For all the wrong reasons ofcourse, she claims to be a comedian but has anything but humour.
Rather She’s there to jump in any controversial matters to gain a follower or two. Well,Good for her. Joshua who’s notorious for abusing Hinduism and Greats like Shivaaji, got a taste of her own medicine when hindus fought back. Joshua who loves to speak “Truth to power” had to apologize : Beg to be forgiven. Now assuming she would have learnt her lesson, i didn’t expect her to jump into the matter of Janawar Faruqie-oh i mean Munavar! (These typos i tell you!)

Munavar Faruqie – another unfunny prick from the same breed, has a history of abusing hindus & muslims.

This prick, compared making a temple to making a bomb, called those not supporting mandir as “literate” hindus, and even went as far as saying- muslims who don’t know how to make bombs are the “illiterate ones”. Now this isn’t just about one religion or the other, it’s about how long are you willing to let others degrade your very identity? Being an athiest or a nonbeliever shouldn’t mean you let your culture get slaughtered in the most sly manner. After those videos of Munavar blew up, an end to this diarrhea was sure to come, and it came. He was arrested yesterday with four other friends.

Coming back to our protagonist- joshua ji (who likes to laugh at rape jokes) had to jump in. Joshua who calls BJP govt fascist, had to “profusely” apologize to NCP, Shiv Saina And MNS after her office was allegedly vandalized by MNS workers (not the fascist BJP , oops!)

Now she jumps in to save her fellow clown, faruqie by tweeting this :

She says the govt is affraid of clowns like her and Munawar. Well she’s half right : can’t deny them being a clown.
My only question is, why did she apologize in the first place if she had to be a crybaby afterwards? What a farce

Well not targetting her but just being honest. Constantly putting pictures of Fawad Khan or writing “fascist-fascist” is not comedy. Being someone who’s loved and acted in Satire and Deadpan comedies for years, I really aasure you that this is bottom of the barrel stuff.

Well, it is nothing knew for today’s times of so called comedians to go an extra mile and stoop new lows by targeting particular faith of people – Hindus. Thinking its cool and okay to laugh at abuses hurled at you by some retards is beyond stupidity. These leeches feed on hate in the name of freedom of speech. Whether it’s abusing Bravehearts like Shivaaji or deities like Lord Rama and Sita Ma, these unfunny pricks leave no stone unturned. It was going pretty well, until lately – when hindus are finally realizing.

I won’t be surprised if I’m called a misogynist/bhakt/troll after this post. These people cant wait to make them look victims in front of others, but hey Nobody cares!

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