The Hathras case is unfolding. People are alleging that Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi duo have planted an upper-caste lady from MP to hug her for photo ops as they can’t embrace the members of a lower caste family. If found true, this is an utterly shameful act of the congress’s top leadership. There is one more case from Rajasthan where a temple priest has been burnt alive, and unlike rushing for the Hathras case, the congress and left leadership haven’t yet even talked about the issue. The country’s leading English newspapers and top media houses haven’t even covered this story in their recent editions. No Bollywoodian has bothered yet to tweet on the Rajasthan issue. 

This may feel like begging them for their attention. Still, it is worth notifying why Congress, leftists, Bolliwoodians, and media cartels are trying to divide Hindus into caste lines when they don’t even talk about the caste and community divides existing in other religions such as Muslims being Shia, Sunni, Barelvi, Deobandi, etc. and Christians being Catholic and Protestants.  This is a kind of mental disorder that is infecting the Congress, leftists, Bollywoodians, and media cartels of the country. As we Indians don’t talk about mental illnesses, left cartels also don’t want to come open about the mental disorder of thier Hindu hate.

They systematically want to spread this disorder even in the young minds of the country. One can find so many such social handles who actively abuse the so-called upper castes in thier posts, tweets, and stories. On the other hand, crooked politicians from all the political lines offer so many freebies based on the people’s caste creed and ethnicity. The hatred of Indian pseudo intellects and columnists for Hindu traditions is very much evident in their articles. This mental disorder forces them to write hate articles, stories, and speeches against the Hindu religion’s so-called upper caste Savarnas. They allege that Savarnas have done lots of bad to the so-called lower caste people. 

However, the reality is 180 degrees opposite. I can not find any genocide done by Brahmins on other communities in history. But, if we look closely, we can find how Muslims and Christians have killed millions on mere caste and community issues. Therefore, continuously ridiculing Brahmins and Khsatriayas for every second issue and praising Mullahs and Christians despite thier sins of committing genocides is a mere mental disorder. Congress, Leftists, Media, and Bollywoodians must accept this disorder and should come open and take appropriate measures to overcome it. They must recognize that Savarnas are also poor and struggle for daily livings the same as others. This is why the Modi government has to acknowledge this, and then he has given 10 percent economic condition based reservation to so-called Savarnas. 

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