9 mind blowing facts about hinduism!

Hinduism, You all have surely heard about this amazing culture of the Indian Subcontinent. This religion, Hinduism has now become the most popular culture in the world. Today I will tell you about 9 Mind blowing facts about Hinduism. If you want more such things, read our latest post: Mind Blowing facts about Hinduism.

Day by day, people are giving up their lifestyle and following Hinduism’s way. It is a very unique culture. It’s customs, rituals, traditions; It’s food, cuisines, dishes all are very unique. 

And the most important is it’s philosophy, it’s core teachings of the saints and sages of this culture. But still there are many mind-blowing and shocking facts about this temple, which many people yet don’t know. 

Hinduism is as beautiful as it is mysterious also. There are many secrets which are hidden in this culture. 

So today, I’m going to talk about 9 such secret facts about this culture, which are mind-blowing and many people don’t know about it.

You all know about the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, the supreme treasure of knowledge which was given by the legendary Lord Krishna. Whenever we hear the word “Gita”, we think about Krishna’s Gita.

But do you know that there are not only one, but 8 different types of Gita!!! There is not only 1 Gita but 8 other Gitas also present in this World. These other Gitas come from different texts. 

Despite having the ideology same, these Gitas were given by different persons. Some names of these are Ashtavakra Gita, Isvara Gita (which was said by Lord Shiva), Vyadh Gita, Parashar Gita etc.

But then also Krishna’s Gita is said to be the complete and the supreme Gita. Normally, you would see only Good people being worshiped in a temple. But who says only good people are worshiped in a temple? 

But in this temple, Bad and evil people are worshiped!! Yes you read it right! This temple is dedicated to Duryodhana, the Biggest Villain of Mahabharata. 

The temple is located in the Malanada town of Karnataka. The Kurava tribe which lives here consider Duryodhana as their Kul Deva. 

According to the epic, when Duryodhana was in search of Pandavas, he came to this place. When he came to this place, he was very hungry and tired. 

Then one man from the Kurava tribe, gave him food, water and shelter. Affected by that man’s kindness, Duryodhana promised him that he would come to meet him after the war.

But in the war, he was killed. Then also, to keep his promise; he came to meet that man in his dream. The man was so impressed by him that he thought Duryodhana to be a God. He made a temple for him. To know more facts, visit our blog: Sanatan Dharmi.

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