Since Mirzapur-2 is released, I can see how Brahmins are rejoicing the web series, where the Brahmin values and culture have been shown ridiculously bad. And guess what, who is doing all this, making a web series targeting minority Brahmins, the same Mughal prodigies called Farhan Akhtar and group. Brahmins, who are at the target of every second political and religious group of the country, are now again targetted below the belt by terrorist Mullahs of Bollywood, making one more web-series.

Farhan Akhtar would have chosen to make a web series on the cruelties done in Muslim rituals called Halala and Khatna. Still, he has chosen to defame Brahmins, one of the most tolerant and peaceful people among Hindus. Brahmins who are enjoying all this also don’t know that these Mullahs such as Farhan Akhtar are creating a History, which later will be shown to the upcoming generations that see how morally and ethically corrupt were the Brahmins.

Why did they choose to target Brahmins in most of their propaganda web series and movies? Because the custodians of the Hindu rituals and culture are Brahmins and if they are able to corrupt and ridicule Brahmins in the Hindu society, they will be able to weaken the roots of Hinduism. Once the roots are shaken, it won’t take much time to shake or uproot the oldest surviving civilization on earth called Hindu or Sanatan civilization.

I have seen Anupriya Patel, the MP from Mirzapur has risen and spoken against the evil depicted in Mirzapur-2. She has called for the complete ban on the series. However, I can’t see any major Brahmin group or leader registering their protest against the web series. Oh, innocent Brahmins, the intolerant terrorist Mullahs, killers of Charlie Habdo, are trying to write a lousy history of yours. Rise in masses and stop until the web series is banned. Remember, they are investing 75 crores more to come up with Mirzapur-3. 

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