As the covid vaccine about to launch for common peoples the Pharma giants of western countries planned to make huge money from selling vaccine.

The Bill gate Foundation through AstraZeneca planned to charge at least $37 per dose which comes out about INR 2500. In the same line Moderna also planned to sale the vaccine at about the same rate. The vaccine need to be administered at least twice to each person and the pharma industries planned to make at least INR 5000 from each person.

But Narender Modi destroyed all these plans and started donating vaccine to numerous countries following the ethics of Sanatan “सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः” also in sequence they fixed the price as low as INR 200 actually less than $3 per dose.
This way Narender Modi hijacked the plan of west to make money from the pandemic. so now they again come up with a new strain of covid.

Before this the pharma giants played with the price of covid-19 test kit. Initially the test cost around INR1400 but later Bharat thrown out the kit at price less than INR50 and hence again slapped idea of making money.

Now the Dr. Kary Mullin, Inventor of PCR Test explained the PCR test has been misused for Corona testing and it may be used to detect what is not present. So practically there is no way to detect to so Called Corona.

So there are possibility soon you might find the Covid-19 is a bug fraud same as AIDS syndrome. The HIV virus cannot grow in human body, this has already been explaied in the Invention thesis of HIV.

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