There are some moments in history which are so powerful that they shape the behavior of an entire generation, an entire civilization and make it move in a direction in which it has never moved or has not moved for so long that it had started looking impossible.

One such moment was “Sourav Ganguly waving his T shirt in Lords Cricket stadium” It was indeed a historic moment for India it gave the Indians confidence to stand against the British in their homeland and beat them. It freed India from the mental slavery which they had carried despite getting Azadi in 1947. It shattered the belief that British/Goras are better than Indians. Its a moment which churns so many feelings inside Indians that its really difficult to pen it down. But I sure seeing this image itself even today produces this feeling in many Indians who were watching this match. Indian cricket was never the same again after this moment…
Another such moment this time is French prime minister refusing to condemn the republishing of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons. Lets understand why it is such an important moment. . Its importance starts from the fact that Macron who is associated with left wing In French politics is the one saying it and not the right winger Marine Le Pen. So this is the moment that has shattered the old alignments of Left & Right ideology. This is the moment when the left has broken the shackles of Islamists it has been carrying in modern world. It is the moment when Left & Right both have agreed that European value of Freedom of expression is more sacred than the political appeasement. It is the moment when flawed concept of political correctness has been thrown into dustbin. Its impact will be seen in the decades to come. Thanks Mr. Macron for showing spine.

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