A horrifying, disgustingly abominable case of torture, rape and murder of a six year old minor girl by a CPI(M) youth wing leader came to light in Kerala, which not only shakes the very foundational principles of civilized society, but would also shake the very heavenly abodes of our Gods.

‘Woke’ Leftists Individual Freedom Extends To Raping Women & Children?

The ideology of individual freedom to extremities at the cost of societal welfare marketed by the ‘woke’ Fascists Leftists who ironically call themselves liberals have created an environment where anarchy and lawlessness is celebrated as liberty. Their common refrain for a morality-less society, has stooped so low worse than animals where the leftist CPI(M) party’s youth wing DYFI leader has been caught for allegedly raping a minor 6 year old girl for the past three years and hanging her to death.

Idukki Rape Six Yr Old Minor Rape & Murder Case

As reported by the media, the Kerala police has arrested a local leader of DYFI, for allegedly hanging a six-year-old girl after raping her in Idukki district of Kerala. The details revealed by the police are even more shocking as the 22 year old accused Arjun, was reportedly sexually abusing the minor child from the time she was hardly 3 years old.

It is said that Arjun used to lure the infant child under the pretext of giving her sweets and sexually abuse her. The child’s body was reportedly found hanging at her parents’ quarters on June 30th.

A police officer reportedly said, “The incident, which occurred on June 30, was reported as an accidental death. We were told that a shawl accidentally got tied around her neck while she was playing. The parents were away at work. However, the post-mortem revealed that the girl had been subjected to sexual abuse over a long period, which made police look into the murder angle.”

The police further added that on June 30th , he allegedly sneaked into the minor girl’s house and raped her again. The police said that during the interrogation Arjun revealed that, “The girl fell unconscious during the assault and the assailant feared she may have died. Subsequently, he hanged her from a rope in the room using her shawl”.

DYFI Alleged Rapist A Social Worker!

Ironically, Arjun as DYFI member has been going around claiming to do social work as a volunteer during the pandemic.

One only wonders how many more unsuspecting and vulnerable young children are being ensnared and Satanically targeted in the name of welfare by the Godless communists who only believe in having rights and no duties. They are devoid of even basic humanity which can perhaps be found more easily among animals in the jungle than in the land of ‘woke’ Fascist oxymoronic Left-Liberals.

Commies Diss Sanatan Dharma As Regressive & Believe In Sex Without Responsibility

Funnily enough these perverted communists speak ill of Sanatan Dharma and devout Sanatanis, target Hinduism as ‘Brahminical Patriarchy’ and diss Hindu festivals like Kardia Nombu, Karva Chauth, Raksha Bandhan, Kanya Pujan, etc. as regressive when we celebrate the pious relationships between a brother and sister, husband and wife, worship young female children as Devis etc. They deliberately twist these festivals, which are meant to instil morality in men and women to follow Dharma and not view everything from the prism of base sexual cravings.

The more we stray away from Dharma we see ourselves only as a physical body with base carnal cravings as the prime focus. Our ancestors had therefore devised these festivals to compel the lesser spiritually oriented beings to look within and understand the eternal supreme consciousness within us.

The Hindu born communists negate the very theory of seeing oneself as an eternal spiritual Atma, taking human form to fulfil one’s Karma. Our ancestors were no fools to regard sex as an objective to procreate and not just for pleasure or one night stands. The perverted mind which looks at sex not as a union of two body and Atmas, turn to it as a maniac obsession.

Such individuals cannot differentiate between consensual sex between two adults and rape nor can they appreciate the beauty of innocent young girl children. They look at everything alive or perhaps even the dead female bodies as sex objects.

Commies & Islamists Find Common Cause In Maniac Sex Obsession

Deracinated individuals fed on Marxist class war theories and slogans like ‘religion being opium of masses’ are led to utter self-oriented consumerism to the extent of forcing oneself on innocent children as young as three year old who may not even know what is happening with them.

It is not surprising that the commies world over form a nexus with the Islamists who are enjoined religiously through their holy texts to see women and girl children solely as objects of sexual pleasure. These ‘woke’ leftists therefore recognise and hanker more for human rights of rapists and terrorists than for victims.

The ‘woke’ Left-Liberals are obsessed with sex by cloaking it under ‘modernity’, while the Islamists derive their maniacal obsession from their holy texts and Medieval-age Islamic practices which even sanctify sex-slavery of non-believer women. Similarly, the leftists world over and in India use rape as a weapon of terror and retribution against people who disagree with them.

Women & Children Safer in Jungles Than In Utopian Commie Lands

Sometime back, so-called left-liberal men and women were caught talking and discussing raping independent Sanatani women who are not afraid of wearing their religion on their sleeve as retribution.

No wonder we have such horrendous, unspeakable crimes perpetrated by the Godless and Morality-less Commies! Females, children and adults, would be certainly safer in jungles with wild animals than in utopian commie land inhabited with predatory ‘woke’ ‘Left-Liberals’.

News input: Indian Express. Image sourced from : Times of India

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