One day, two women came to a Judge asking for justice. They brought with them a little baby, and both women claimed the child. Each one said, she was the mother and the child should be handed to her.

The Judge heard both of them, gave it a thought and said, “Let this child be cut into two. Give one part to each of the woman.” The first woman was satisfied, she said, “That is fair enough. I shall have my share of the baby.” The second one wailed, she said, “Please don’t do so. Let her have the baby! It is fine if I don’t get the baby.”

The Judge said, “Behold! The second woman over here is the real mother. Let the child be with her.” So saying he dismissed the case.

This story came to mind as PM Narendra Modi ji performed the pooja of Sindhu River today. This is the case of one river mother and 2 countries who claim to be her child. And in this case, the Pooja tells who the *REAL* child of Mother Sindhu. The child is the country that declares –

आसिंधु सिंधु पर्यन्ता, यस्य भारतभूमिका ।

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