Hindu or Sanatan Dharma prayers and worships are done at both home and temples. However, on various Hindu festivals such as Navratri, Ganesh Puja, Kali Puja, etc., establishing the temporary temple of the deity at home and worshiping them is widely practiced by Hindus. These temporary temples and deity idols are then recommended for Jal Visarjan in the nearby water body of the city or village. However, the practice is hard to be followed as water bodies are not available everywhere. Hence, there is a strong need for some NGOs or governmental efforts for the proper practice of this Hindu ritual. 

The NGOs 

The old and broken idols of the Hindu deities are also not adequately settled. Hindus, especially in cities, keep those idols open in the parks below some Peepal or Neem tries, as they don’t have a fair idea what to do with the old and broken idols. This, many a time, feel bad seeing ruins and idols of our deities thrown in the open. Sometimes, these discarded pieces of idols are used by miscreants of other religions, press, and media to target Hinduism.

Therefore, Hindu devotees should establish some NGOs to settle these discarded idols of Hindu deities properly. They can make a proper network in every society of the cities. Then they can collect all these objects of Hindu Astha on weekly or monthly visits for appropriate settlement or recycling. For doing this service of devotion, they can collect some money from the people as a donation for volunteering. Believe me, so many Hindus will generously donate for such a great cause. This will benefit them two folds in terms of blessings from God and donations from the people.

The Governments

State and central governments have been seen allocating huge budgets for the Kabritans and Churches in the country. This is at a time when the governments collect proper tax from temples exempting the Masjids and Churches. Therefore, central and state governments can also come open to protect the Hindu sentiments. They must make some efforts to help Hindus in settling or recycling the old and broken idols of the worshiped deities. They can also make an organized effort to make NGOs or engage the existing NGOs in this noble work. The governments can actively fund the existing NGOs who are involved in this.

The UP government by chief minister Shri Yogi Ji has taken some serious steps in this direction. They have decided to utilize the flowers of the temples used in worship for recycling in making the candles and Agarbatties. Other NGOs, State, and central government institutions should also pitch in for this great work. This will help them to generate a good reputation among the majority Hindus for protecting the Hindu Astha, rituals, and environment. The recycling process can also generate a good amount of employment too. 

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