Indians are going through a crisis. Many wanted Donald Trump to continue for four more years while others were waiting to see see Komla Harris as the Vice President.

Komla Harris does not identify herself as Indian. She does not deny that her mother is Indian, though she identifies herself as AFRICAN AMERICAN, minority, a BAPTIST, Christian. She does not identify as Indian. Thus the crisis, and near meltdown.

Those who identify themselves as ‘South Asians’ are from the Indian subcontinent, but either they are Muslim, or brainwashed Hindus who refuse to recognize their Pagan roots. Much like Komla aunty. South Asians are definitely in celebration mode but HINOS (Hindus in name only) are torn and experiencing sleepless nights.

Joe Biden has claimed that he is only here for the transition. He probably cannot wait to go on vacation for the next four years; to detox and treat possible narcolepsy among other illnesses now that he’s been played puppet by the Mughal-Commie-Trump hating nexus.

Should Indians be bursting firecrackers because the lotus is in power?


Should Indians troll the lotus for having taken an anti-India stance thus far?

Only time will tell which way Harris’ bread is buttered.

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