Mukhtar Baba, the owner of popular restaurant Baba Restaurant has been arrested by Police in connection with the Kanpur violence which was unleashed by muslim mob against the remarks of Nupur Sharma on prophet of muslims. Mukhtar Baba is the the owner of popular restaurant Baba Biryani.

Mukhtar Baba had given funds to Gaya Zafar Hayat Hashmi who was the main culprit of the Kanpur violence. On the day of the conflict, Mukhtar Baba allegedly gave away free biryani to stone throwers. A crowdsourcing campaign was dubbed Baba Biryani. Baba Biryani had assisted in setting up food and funding for those ordered to throw stones. In addition to this, Baba Biryani’s name has also been mentioned in relation to the opening of a biryani restaurant by taking over enemy property and a portion of an old temple.Numerous criminal cases have been filed against Mukhtar Baba. The SIT may soon make further arrests of the violent offenders.

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