In Banswara, Rajasthan, a man named Murtaza killed a woman by stabbing her for rejecting his marriage proposal. The woman was returning home from a birthday party on the night of 5th September when Murtaza killed her by stabbing her in the chest. Murtaza was pressurizing the woman for marriage for several days. A few days before the murder, he had also assaulted her.

Police stated that victim name is Shahnaz who was a resident of Muslim Colony street number-6. Shahnaz was the mother of three children. She has two daughters from her first husband. That relationship did not last long. After divorcing the first husband, she had a second marriage about seven years ago, with whom she has one daughter. At the same time the murderer Murtaza, used to live in street number-7 in Muslim Colony and was also married. But to marry Shahnaz, he divorced his wife. The killer is a driver by profession.

When Shahnaz was returning home from a relative’s birthday party with her sister-in-law. Murtaza came to talk to her and then stabbed him in the chest. After being stabbed, Shahnaz fell in front of a house and the accused fled from the spot. When the police reached the spot, there was blood splattered all around. Shehnaaz was taken to the district hospital, where doctors declared her dead.

Fatima, the niece of the deceased stated that Shahnaz too loan money from Murtaza four years ago. He used to abuse her in exchange for money. He used to pressurize her for marriage. Four days before the incident, Murtaza had assaulted Shahnaz for refusing to marry. Investigation has revealed that the deceased had taken a lot of loan from the market. She had taken money from the interest-takers with interest at the rate of 20 to 30 percent per month and also she was unable to pay the loan.



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