Former Indian batsman Wasim Jaffer seems to be sufferings from the ire of social media after he wrote a tweet where he spoke in favour of the Pakistan cricket board after the English cricket team cancelled their tour to Pakistan for the obvious reason of security.

Wasim Jaffer took to Twitter to write “The @TheRealPCB have every reason to be disappointed with the ECB. Pak and WI toured England last year during pandemic before vaccines. England owes so much to both Pak and WI. Least ECB could do is not cancel the reciprocal tours. There are no winners when cricket is cancelled”. Earlier Newzealand Cricket team also cancelled their tour of Pakistan because of the same reason which English cricket board stated.

Pakistan or Terroristan is a factory manufacturing terrorist and it is quite obvious for any cricketing team to go quite conscious regarding the decision to play cricket in the manufacturing factory of terrorists ie. Pakistan. It should be noted that this is not the first time Wasim Jaffer has landed himself into the bracket of controversy. Wasim Jaffer was earlier accused of favouring the Muslim cricketers. Mahim Verma, who is a former vice-president of the BCCI, accused Jaffer of quarreling with Cricket Union officials and trying to break the cricket team due to his religious bias.Mishra further told that the team has been using the slogan ‘Ram Bhakt Hanuman ki Jai’ but Jaffer got the slogan changed to ‘Go Uttarakhand’ saying that the team had members from different religions. Jaffer was suggested the slogan ‘Uttarakhand ki Jai’ but he had a problem with the word ‘Jai’, he said. Wasim Jaffer was also accused of bringing the maulvis into the team camp .

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