With no retaliation from the Hindu community, stone pelting has been normalised in every Hindu festival be it Namnavmi or Navratri celebrations. on the 3rd of October, Muslims went up to pelt stones on Hindus at Garba ceremony. The incident took place in Undhela village located in Kheda, where stones were pelted during Navratri celebration and Gujarat and because of which 6 people got injured. The investigation revealed that a Muslim mob, led by two youths named Arif and Zahir, pelted stones at Hindu devotees on Monday night during Navratri celebration.



The injured have been admitted to the hospital. Two police officers were also injured in stone pelting. There is outrage among the people after the incident. People coming and going are being searched. The glass of a vehicle was also broken during this incident. Arif and Zaheer led the mob during Navratri celebrations and pelted stones during Navratri celebrations. Local people stated that they were told by the Muslim mob that Navratri cannot be celebrated here. Kheda DSP Rajesh Gadhia said that all the accused are being identified.



In the past, instead of making Garba play, a case of tajiya play came to the fore in a function organized during Navratri at Play Center School located in Hathaj village of Nadiad in Kheda district. The Muslim teacher of the school had pressured the children to play Tajiya instead of Garba. Its video also surfaced. Apart from this, there have also been reports during Navratri that Muslim men tried to enter the Garba pandal under fake names.




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