As anyone following my posts would know, I am a hardcore nationalist, BJP supporter, and a fighter for the Hindu cost. I spend my time, money, energy fighting a lonely battle. I have always kept my handles anonymous as I work in the corporate world (20+ of my Twitter handles) have been suspended so far.

I interacted with many RWers who in due course became celebrities with lots of followers on Twitter. I went for a meetup for RW “Women” warriors, or as they wish to call themselves. Many with lakhs of followers.

The meetup was great but what really shocked me was my introduction to the so-called RW group which was supposed to promote Hinduism, fight for Hindus. No discussion of any worth happened ever . Nothing concrete .I am a very enthusiastic person, and I take up causes , i fight for Hindus. So everytime I did something , as selfless as I could be and I told them al , all I got was mockery from them. I was attacked , I was called name (a typical english speaking ganwaar , dehati bitchy aurat club types). I was very shocked but I ignored it. One person I know who had started a Jhatka Meat delivery system and she was introduced to this “Promote Jhatka ” Whatsapp Group. When the girl asked all from that group to order , she was abused and removed from that group because she did not cate to the EGO of the self deluded , high on clouds RW who have good following on Twitter . Yes the girl , who had started the Jhatak online meat delivery was abused and removed from the “Promote Jhatka” WA group by the popular Twitter RW celeb. YIKES. And the so-called famous RW lady who had introduced her to the group blamed the girl.

Later on when i took on more initiatives to promote Hinduism and told the group about it , i was attacked and accused of trying to become famous , which is as bizarre as possible because everything I do if form anonymous handles , where I spend my own money. I was called names , harassed and the so called Admins , who are BIG RW celebs did nothing . Later on, I was told how they had been discussing for months behind my back to remove me from the group, dehati Aunty Ji type gossip club.Fed up , I left the group. So much for RW unity and helping and promoting each other. Just insecure of a more enthusiastic person becoming more famous and stealing your thunder .

I have interacted with more RW celebs , most of them are so high headed that they think they are above Modi . Act SO pricey , like the rest are untouchables.

Sometimes when I have asked a few to RT my articles , all anonymous, defending Hindutva , not making a penny , they tell me that they don’t know me , ar are too busy but are busy doing paid tweets. SICK.

And then there are these Wannabe Shashi Tharror type English Speaking BIMBOS who think they are even higher up in the chain because they speak Lutyens English . using archaic English terms to make themselves sound so elite in the RW club that it is nauseating and sickening. I have ZERO respect for such idiots who forcefully and unnecessarily use these pre-historic world to sound elite and high class. The only high class such wannabees belong to are high class buffoons.

People refuse to promote good work, help each other for the cause of Hinduism. Many are also making money .

All the RW with lakhs of followers just want a fast-track RS seat now. Sell their books.

This will never take up far , help us get anywhere. Such power , attention , money hungry people will never help Hindus or Hindutva .



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