Facebook Post By Srinivasan Giridharan:

The Hindu, National Newspaper had a tradition and had credibility. It was always Pro Government until N Ram took over patronized by Brahmins and Senior Officials, it was a part of many a persons life, including mine The Hindu National news paper’s legacy ended in 1991 when Kasturi stepped down as Editor. From 1991 it became The Anti Hindu Anti-National news paper.

N Ram was a Leftist and pushed the Paper to a leftist agenda which was obviously Anti-Hindu. Rise of BJP gave Ram a political target and in TN it was appealing to the major Advertisers. The paper lost its core readers and replacement was inadequate to cover the loss. Social Media destroyed its credibility.

While nationally Modi and BJP grew and grew. Age didn’t give wisdom to N Ram. It was understandable when he was young to believe China being a benevolent proletariat experiment to all human beings of world .

Forget about political preferences, just being a leftist newsletter in the guise of a newspaper was enough to be a put off. This newspaper took a definite left turn after S Varadarajan gained prominence in this organisation, later becoming editor but same continued even after he left. Varadharajan has become a bigger anti Modi campaigner after he joined The Wire.

They spread more venomous anti India and anti Modi news which are fake anyways. Nice grounding at The Hindu, I suppose a lot many including me dumped The Hindu around that time for their bias and moved to Times.

Recently Malini Parthasarathy the Chairperson of the The Hindu Group met the PM and shared the photo on Twitter. She tweeted about restoring the honest and credibility of the newspaper when N Ram now designated as Director of the group retorted immediately saying he had nothing to do with it.

It turned out that the family was only washing dirty linen in public. I shall wait for The Hindu to be a truly unbiased newspaper to subscribe again after a long hiatus. But this might take a long time for the publication house to re-gain the “lost” trust of its readers.

It would be ideal that the entire family be kicked out and a new buyer should take over the newspaper and appoint professional management. Otherwise nothing will change for the Mount Road pamphlet.


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