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Namaste Narendra Modi.

I invite you to leave a lasting legacy for the world that will echo for eternity.

Let me quickly explain…

Jonathan J. Crabtree Founder Podometic, Bharatiya Maths

Bharat’s beautiful maths was lost in translation in the Medieval Arabic World. So, many simple yet powerful ideas of Āryabhaṭa, Bhāskara and Brahmagupta failed to be transmitted to the West. Thus, the British Empire spread muddled maths throughout its settlements and colonies. Today, India’s dismal ranking in intenational mathematics comparisons is the legacy of a British maths education forced upon India by Lord Macaulay.

Fortunately for India, in 1983 I set out to find and fix the foundations of elementary mathematics. Now, I am ready to hand over all my research findings and suggestions at no cost to the Government of India. Simply watch the short 2-minute 🎬 below.

The detailed 🎬 below reveals proof how Bharat’s zero-based maths got lost!

Already more than 6200 people have signed a petition calling for the Brahmagupta’s simply better Bharatiya Maths to be taught in schools. To read or sign the petition goto


Based on detailed analysis, my research concludes five Sanskrit maths ślokas containing 18 Sūtras of Symmetry from Brahmagupta’s Brāhma sphuṭa siddhānta are worth more than the entire elementary mathematics education literature of the British Empire.

Jonathan J. Crabtree

If India’s children were taught GANITA (maths) and BIJA-GANITA (algebra) in primary classes, they could barrack for the Indian team instead of the English team. With pride comes a competitive spirit and as cricket shows, a desire to perform and be a winner!


Some 2000 years ago India led the world in mathematics and had the largest share of GDP in the world. However, Bharat’s original zero concept never made it to the modern world.

Mathematics is the foundation upon which progress in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine are built. The better a nation’s maths the better its economy and ability to defend itself. A recent study for teh Australian government stated:

Maths scores were found to have the largest impact on economic growth. A 1% increase in PISA scores is estimated to lead to an increase in GDP growth of around 0.3%.

India ranked 73rd out of 74 countries in the latest PISA maths survey. With a revised maths curriculum, I expect India’s PISA score to rise at least 20% over the next decade, which is the equivalent of a 6% boost to GDP.

The official letter sent to Narendra Modi appears below.


As soon as I get the go-ahead from Education Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriwal ‘Nishank’ I will dedicate my full-time service to help India restore its superior original maths that will empower children to more success and prosperity.

Jonathan J. Crabtree
Founder, Podometic
Simply Better Bharatiya Maths

P.S. I’ve provided Brahmagupta’s 18 Sūtras of Symmetry below. I have simple step-by-step cartoon lessons for young children that reveal how they all work.

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Lord Macaulay forced bad British Maths on India
Lord Macaulay forced bad British Maths on India

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