Citizens aghast over seeing Khalistanis tear away Indian Tricolour and hoisting Khalistani flag on Red Fort have started coming out in large numbers and asking the fake farmer protestors squatting on public land and highways creating anarchy and riots to vacate from their areas.

At Tikri Border, a group of nationalist citizens gathered and raised slogans against the rioting fake farmers with banners saying, Insult to the glorious national flag would not be tolerated and also the verse from the patriotic song “Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara, Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara” was written in bold letters on the banners displayed by them. The banners also stated that ant-national foxes will not be tolerated under the garb of farmers.

Needless to say crores of peace loving citizens had been tolerating the blackmail of few thousand of farmers, politically motivated and sponsored by the Khalistani-Jihadis. The common citizens silent till now have started to voice their disapproval of the fake farmers as from January 26th onwards, the fake farmers have started showing their true colours by attacking policemen with swords, rioting, mowing down women, spreading hatred against the nation and openly hoisting Khalistani Flags.

Find below the video of the protest by nationalist citizens against fake politically motivated riotous murderous farmers.

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