Delhi witnessed yesterday anarchy and rule of Khalistani terrorists on its streets in the name of Farmers Protests. Khalistanis through their funds from Pakistan and western busy bodies aiding to destabilize India have managed to get some lumpen goonda elements, unemployed drug addicts in Punjab to hoist a Khalistani flag at Red Fort by announcing a reward of USD2.5 Lakhs to whoever manages to do it.

The Khalistani dumbos should realise that their jihadi masters actually want their Islamic flag there and Khalistan is just a red herring to get them to weaken the Indian state by starting off an internecine war within the Sanatan Dharma community by pitting the Sikhs against the Hindus.

The other mischief by all these anti-India forces is to weaken the security forces in India as they tried during 1980-1995, by trying to get the Sikhs who form a large section within the Indian Army to revolt against the Indian state.

So, the episode of beating up policemen, women, injuring police and CISF critically, kidnapping security forces, destroying public property, burning buses, running tractors in break neck speed in a bid to crush some policemen etc are a part of the plan by the jihadis, Naxalites and Christian conversion factories to set a civil war among Sanatan Dharma followers. So that the Jihadi ploy of Ghazwa-e- Hind becomes a reality.

Notably, in January the Al Qaeda has come up with a magazine titled, Nawa-e- Ghazwa-e-Hind in which one article warns that Jihadis are coming to protect the Babri Masjid. The front cover of the magazine seems to call for liberation of butterflies from hell.

A tweet in the social media brought this fact to light which is given below.

The re-construction of Ram Mnadir at the Ramjanmabhoomi site in Ayodhya where a Babri Masjid was erected by demolishing a pre-existing ancient Temple marking the birth place of Prabhu Shri Ram, has been a heart burn for the Jihadis and their leftist brothers in arm.

So, it is no brainer that it faces a lot of security threat from jihadi and red terror. The jihadis and red terrorists could also use the Khalistanis to do their job as it would create huge fissures within the Sanatan Dharma community.

The Home Ministry should take these threats more seriously as we can see the Khalisthani mobs running riot yesterday by shaming the entire country at our weakness to act against the secessionist forces and their supporters within India who operate under the pretext of human rights activists, farmers rights and workers rights activists.

2020 marked an important date in history of correcting a historic wrong committed by barbaric marauder Babur and his General of demolishing the most holiest of temples for Hindus and constructing a blighted mosque over it dedicated to Babur’s adolescent boy lover named Baburi. This single act resurrected the Hindu Asmita which has been trampled and mauled by jihadi terror for over 1,400 years.

But the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 marked Indian state’s weakness to deal with terror blackmailers in a different form adopting the guise of protests culminating in riots be it CAA protests or Farmers Protests which became very apparent in the Khalistani flags being hoisted on Red Fort by the puppets of the anti-India forces.



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