For many years I’ve heard that the share of Hindu population in Bharat is reducing. So it seems that a plan is afoot to save the Hindus. But there’s a problem – this new idea of saving Hindus doesn’t include saving Hindu Dharma in its complete form. It is a new version of Hinduism shorn of its Varna system, shorn of its rituals, shorn of “Samuhik Bhakti”. And it is government sponsored. Read on …

Imagine there’s an egg – it has a shell, the egg white inside which is the embryonic fluid which keeps the yolk safe, the yolk which becomes the life form and the little pulsating heart within which indicates the life before it has a form. If one were to break the egg shell, the white would spill out and the life within would die immediately. But imagine a scenario where the shell is carefully and repeatedly punctured in such a way that the shell doesn’t break but the embryonic fluid inside dries up or leaks out slowly but surely. If one were to lift the egg it wouldn’t break and one wouldn’t realize that it has been punctured, but the life within is severely threatened. Once the protective fluid has dried up, the yolk inside would get rotten inside and soon the heart would stop functioning. The egg would look like an egg but it would be lifeless and without a pulsating heart.

This is what is being done right now in Bharat. The egg shell of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) is being repeatedly punctured with so much expertise that one wouldn’t even realize the final aim. For years now we have been reading and have been made to believe that “Upper Caste” people ie. those who follow the Varna Dharma have caused innumerable agonies on the “Lower Caste” people ie. those who are not part of the Varnas – Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribe people. It did not matter to historians that there was never any revolt against the Varna system in pre-Independent India. It did not matter to anyone that miseries on the Avarnas started after the British rule, especially after 1857 where a clear cut “Divide and Rule” policy was put in place to divide Hindus and Muslims and Hindus amongst themselves. Do note that people of all castes (jaati/varna) were part of the British Army those days and there are no indications that there were any mutinies because of caste struggles. The Zamindari system, the rise of new money lenders, the famines, all together finally made people get compartmentalized so much that a schism started forming because each caste wanted to protect its own people first.

During the Freedom struggle post 1910, once again people of all castes got together and fought to remove the British from the Indian soil and once we got Independence it seemed that the Dharma of our ancestors would become strong once more. But this is where we went wrong. We had discounted the Atrocity literature and falsified history that would be served to us again and again in all parts of the country, in educational institutions and in the so called “reforms” that Hindus had to undertake to rid us of the shame of being Hindus. Reservations to the deprived classes became a tool for further “Divide and Rule” which our politicians learnt to master very well. Regionalism provided embellishments to this tool. The final product was that every Hindu felt ashamed and guilty of his ancestors, of his Varna / Avarna, of his ancient knowledge systems which were termed superstitions, of his rituals, customs and traditions. The language Sanskrit became a “dead” language not suited for modern times and all local languages became “vernacular” and people speaking it became “vernies”. Those who spoke English and Urdu were considered modern, elite and refined.

2014. The dawn of a new era under Mr. Narendra Modi where finally India shed the burden of Congress rule and corruption. For the first time in many years, Indians started feeling pride in themselves. Mr. Modi was unabashedly Hindu and wore it openly on his sleeve. He charted a new course of development in the country. Not just that, he also made sure that our borders were secure and terror was strongly repulsed. Infrastructure received a boost and industries were on an upswing. New policies were drafted, many old policies were discarded and the result was that in 2019 he came back with a thumping majority. People just loved him and his zest for making India a Vishwaguru. Many more dreams were waiting to be realized. Everyone understood that it took more than 5 years to clear up the mess of 70 years after Independence.

But one year into the 2nd term and it was clear that Hindu civilisational aspirations had taken a back foot. In fact they were nowhere in the reckoning. In its place was something else which started ringing alarm bells among Hindus. It started with the demolitions in Varanasi to build the corridor which would make Varanasi a cleaner city. But unfortunately it meant that many Temples which are mentioned in our Puranas were demolished without any though for conserving the Vigrahas or for its Punar-sthapana. Varanasi was also to become a world-class tourist centre where business also could be conducted in the state-of-the-art conference halls, etc. From Moksh-nagari, Varanasi would become a Maya-nagari. 51 Temples in Chardham, Uttarakhand State were taken over, not because they were mismanaged but because the Government wanted to control it. This government made no move to Free Hindu Temples from Government control whatsoever. On the contrary, they have remained silent every single time any Hindu Temple is looted or even demolished. A case in point is the recent demolishment of ancient Temples in Coimbatore under the Smart City project and here the MLA is from BJP. Not a word. Even in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana when Temples were demolished or Vigrahas broken, the PM who wears his Hindu identity on his sleeve has not mentioned anything even in passing.

But it is not just this – it is the extra attempt to treat Dr. Ambedkar as a Messiah and promote him continuously. It is a well-known fact that Dr. Ambedkar hated Hindu Devatas and did not believe in the Vedas, the primary scriptures of Hindu Dharma. Creation of Panchteerth Sthal in memory of Dr. Ambedkar puts him on a pedestal equivalent to a God – the word “Teerth” indicates this. Another very open indication of social engineering by this Government is the payment of Rs.2.5 lakhs to any Varna youth who marries a Scheduled Caste person. Intercaste marriages because of love is one thing and government sponsored schemes to obliterate Varnas is another. It is an open attempt to destroy a pillar on which Hinduism stands. Instead of treating all castes with respect on an equal footing, this is a deliberate attempt to make people from the Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra caste feel guilty and ashamed of their own caste and tempt them monetarily to destroy their own ancestry. Another very alarming factor is government induced conversion into Abrahamic religions. This is done via scholarships, loans and grants only reserved for Muslims or Christian students and businesses. If a Hindu youth/student/businessperson wants to study further or receive scholarships/grants/loans, either he/she has to be a Scheduled Caste/Tribe person or they are deprived of the same. But the moment they convert into Islam or Christianity, they can avail of all monetary help granted by the Government at the Centre or State level.

There are thousands of Temples all over India where non-Brahmins are officiating as Priests. But the Government has thought it fit to encourage non-Brahmins to become Priests in the 10% ancient Temples which run on Agama Shastra principles. This implies unnecessary interference in Hindu rituals, but this government doesn’t care. On one side reservations are being increased for those not from any Varna, on the other traditional services and occupations of the Varnas are being hit. Not just that, this government had passed ruling on the Kumbh Mela dates quoting Covid precautions, had restricted Char Dham Yatra, Kanwar Yatra, Sarvajanik GaneshUtsav, Sarvajanik Durga Puja and many other festivals and rituals. A young boy was killed ruthlessly when the police fired at devotees during Durga Visarjan last year. It is pertinent to note that almost everytime, Hindu supporters of BJP state that the State is responsible for this, but the fact is that the Centre is in no mood to protect Hindu civilizational rights at all. On the contrary, the Centre has imposed its own rules to restrict Hindu Celebrations and Festivities, while allowing people from other religions to congregate despite Covid and celebrate their festivals.

The real attack on Hinduism also comes when the Government and its supporters talk about Muslims having the same DNA as Hindus without a care for the theological differences. They have also started claiming the heroes who fought against invaders as being of Varnas and Jaatis different from what they were.  It definitely indicates that they want to protect a Hinduism which is shorn of its theological identity, its main pillar ie. the Varna system, its festivals, its rituals, its worship according to Agama Shastra, its congregations like the Kumbh and Yatras, irrespective of caste and sex (which then makes for a case where Casteism can be shown as an evil part of Hinduism), and the pride that Hindus have on their ancestors who were responsible for Hindu civilization being the only ancient civilization which is still alive and kicking. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon it is stated that it is criminal to have a caste because that is what is stopping people from doing “ghar-wapasi”. Stories of how those Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas who had converted into Islam or Christianity because of torture and not because of being less privileged could probably be purged from our books, in order to make for a case of “samaan-jaati” (same jaati for all).

So what does all this indicate? All of the above are the repeated punctures to the eggshell. Once the embryo of rituals, Temples and Jaati, etc. dries up, Dharma will cease to survive. Once Dharma ceases to survive, our Devtas will be deprived of their offerings and will leave us. Hinduism will just exist as the egg shell, outwardly intact but without any life, any colour in it. This is what the modern day Abrahamised Hinduism will look like. Is this the Naya Hindustan that we want? Is this the Sanatan Dharma that we are trying to save?

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