There has been a lot of outcry about the deliberate or accidental tweeting of the anti-India insurrection #Toolkit by Sweden’s trash gawar or ignorant Greta.  However, she happens to be of white skin and therfore by default, should be put on a pedestal, way above brown slaves.  This sick phenomena is nothing new – brown-skinned deracinated Indians will go to any lengths and wag their tails for approval from white masters. 

“Yes, Master,” “No, Master, “Anything you say Master.”

Tweets and public meldowns by woke brown tools (read: dhakkans) like Saket Gokhle are desperatly waiting for their white master Greta to express solidarity with them.  These woke tools have learned absolutely nothing about the real history of India.  They have no clue that the Gora betrayal of India is the norm adn perhaps they should as elder who has been through those horrible times about how life was for them under external rule.  

Image: From Twitter timeline

Woke tool – direction-less Disha is seen apologizing profusely to gawar Greta in the WhatsApp chat though it is idiot Greta who is responsible for leaking the #Toolkit.  Why is clueless Disha so desperate in protecting this gori-gawar Greta??

Self-Loathing is the answer.  Nikita, who is absconding is also fully aware of her actions and therefore is running from the law.  People like Disha, Nikita, literally act like dhakkans to please their white masters.  They hate themselves so much that they are ready to consciously work AGAINST their own well-being. 

Image: From Twitter

Disha, according to the chat is cognizant about Indian laws and is fully aware about her illegal, seditious behavior and co-conspiring with gawar Greta.  Nonetheless, she continues to engage in this behavior.  If anything, she lacks complete self-worth and has no remorse of the consequences caused by her actions.  In fact, her only remorse is possibly getting caught and a bigger remorse is the possibility of not protecting her gawar-gori master Greta.

Disha choses to act as Greta’s SLAVE. 

Little do they realize that Slaves lives don’t matter to gore sahibs.  Haven’t they read these truths in the NCERT 1-10th grade texts??

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