It is trending on Twitter because yesterday president of India tweeted a tweet about unveiling the portrait of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Now, after this today our so-called liberal group who doesn’t have to do anything with the ideology of Netaji started a campaign that this photo is didn’t based on the real picture of Netaji and actually it is pic from the movie.

All these started after a tweet from TMC MP and vice-chairman of a so-called intellectual group of our pseudo-liberal gang “Mahua Moitra”. Where she said this picture is of the actor who played the role of Netaji in his biopic movie not of Netaji. She also added God Save India (because this government can’t). After looking her tweet it seems she has also problem with president 5 lakh donation for Ram Mandir Construction also.

After this tweet is made whole Member of So-called Intellectual club get active and everyone started to tweet without knowing the facts. Senior member like Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha and others also made the same types of the tweet. And then new members like Richa chadha, Gaurav Pandhi and others tweeted the same.

But after this grandnephew of Netaji Chandra Kumar Bose clarify that this is the original photograph of Netaji and it is based on artist Paresh Maity Portrait. Government of India already said this earlier.

After this vice-chairman so-called intellectual group “Mahua Moitra” deleted her tweet and after this others, the member does the same.

But this is a shame that a member of parliament doesn’t know about the real image Netaji and she also belongs to the same state of Netaji.

And I think the so-called intellectual group has nothing to do with Netaji image or anything they are frustrated and want to target president after he donated 5 for Ram Mandir donation.

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