Firstly Let me introduce myself, I’m BJP Supporter and Strong Modi Bhakt as called by Piddis. This is my first blog and something very unusual motivates me to write the blog. Yesterday I was looking my FB account and one post attracted my attention to get a chance in politics as MA/MLA. Very unusual, that someone offering training and seat for upcoming elections 2024 to create Akhand Bharat. The political party named ABP – Akhil Bhartiya Parivar Party.
As I’m very much taking part and interested in politics since 2014, I registered myself for this opportunity which looks very genuine at first stance. The party member sent me whatsapp message with link of youtube to listen and then will be interviewed by them for selection of training. I followed instruction and then recieved call for and interview time. As they are looking for 33 to 50 percent women as candidates which was really a good offer, I agreed to give interview which was based on the youtube link of founder of the party. The link is given below for the reference to understand their plan and procedure.

ABP part website –
Founder – Shahnawaz Chaudhary “Bhartiya”
His other contacts –
1 Andhra Pradesh Anand Sharma Bhartiya +917020366301
2 Assam A F Prasad Bhartiya +919701858866
3 Bihar Ravi Shankar Bhartiya +919110915193
4 Chhattisgarh Nirmal Dulani Bhartiya +919425507075
5 Goa Arvind Suroshe Bhartiya +917588544233
6 Gujarat Nitesh Gangaramani Bhartiya +919904462556
7 Haryana Mukesh Sirohi Bhartiya +919205310340
8 Himachal Pradesh Vinod Gupta Bhartiya +919899699200
9 Jharkhand Mukesh Jaiswal Bhartiya +919934854935
10 Karnataka Sayed Khadeer Bhartiya +918095554068
11 Kerala Islam Mohammad Bhartiya +919634358740
12 Madhya Pradesh Dr. Priyank Bantia Bhartiya +918962863483
13 Maharashtra Kalim Jahangir Bhartiya +919764000420
14 Odisha Biswaranjan Nayak Bhartiya +919438180022
15 Punjab Harpreet Singh Saini Bhartiya +919868189603
16 Rajasthan Sunil Sharma Bhartiya +917838194575
17 Tamil Nadu Sekhar Nath Ghosh Bhartiya +917407777519
18 Telangana Abhay Verma Bhartiya +919848226868
19 Uttar Pradesh Kapil Pal Bhartiya +919119602882
20 Uttarakhand Sunil Baliyan Bhartiya +919999993693
21 West Bengal Gaurav Suri Bhartiya +917723000111
22 Arunachal Pradesh Dipanshu Sharma Bhartiya +919780029342
23 Sikkim Dipanshu Sharma Bhartiya +919780029342
24 Tripura Dipanshu Sharma Bhartiya +919780029342
25 Nagaland Dipanshu Sharma Bhartiya +919780029342
26 Mizoram Dipanshu Sharma Bhartiya +919780029342
27 Manipur Dipanshu Sharma Bhartiya +919780029342
28 Meghalaya Dipanshu Sharma Bhartiya +919780029342

SL. Union territories Co-Ordinator Contact
1 Andaman & Nicobar Debnarayan Mondal Bhartiya +917003299089
2 Chandigarh Harpreet Singh Saini Bhartiya +919868189603
3 Dadra and Nagar Haveli Kalim Jahangir Bhartiya +919764000420
4 Daman and Diu Nitesh Gangaramani Bhartiya +919904462556
5 Delhi Rahul Parcha Bhartiya +918860739055
6 Jammu and Kashmir Gulam Abbas Bhartiya +919622876767
7 Ladakh Vijay Saini Bhartiya +919999501929
8 Lakshadweep Islam Mohammad Bhartiya +919634358740
9 Puducherry Sekhar Nath Ghosh Bhartiya +917407777519
Social media account –
Facebook –
Twitter –

ABP Party plan summary for 545 loksabha seats 2024 –
1. 50 percent Women candidates for MLA/MP
2. Take oath to add the word “Bhartiya” with name always. I mean change the name
3. Selection is only based the ideology of the party, which you can get an idea to see the youtube link video.
4. 80 percent Candidate should be below 50 years of age and 20 percent should be below 65 years of age
5. No permission to change the party and if somehow anyone does that lifetime ban.
and many other …
When I started to watch the video, and know the name of founder “Shahnawaz Chaudhary” Political consultant (totally new career) who himself not interested in taking any place but be a king maker and decide who will be the prime minister and other ministry holders of the party and then train by him accordingly. The dummy cabinate and government formed by him parallely with real government. Really amazing thought what it seems to be at first glance. After watching sometime it starts sound familiar. “Abusing BJP” in same manner done by AAP and Congress especially. I watched it for 25 minutes (Video is of 52 minutes long) he never abused any other party but only BJP again.
The formation of new party is not a bad thing but again the party built on fake congress agenda is nothing but an ambition of congress to start loot again. The founder is a more theoritical, he dreamet of akhand bharat but by abusing one party which is trying hard to remove every wrong thing from the system. Judiciary, Beurocracy and what not is still corrupt and running under old british era rules which save the political masters and people get nothing but wait wait and wait for everything.

The party founder not able to show the flaws but gave odd reasons to people who chose Modiji for development and only development of the country. Whatever the founder says is actually what BJP doing under strong leadership of Modiji. Why any party foundation is on the abuse BJP platform. The lecture is motivativating, give hope to see the new India and asking for 20 years for Akhand Bharat. What’s the difference.

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