Now no new madrasa will get grant in Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2016, the Yogi Adityanath government is going to end the policy implemented by the Akhilesh government to give grants to madrasas. The proposal prepared by the Minority Welfare Department in this regard will be presented before the cabinet soon.

In the year 2013, a policy was made in the then SP government to give grants to the madrasas which were recognized till the year 2003. Under the policy, grants were given to 100 madrasas. In the first term of the Yogi government, not a single madrasa was given a grant.

The managers of other madrassas went to the High Court citing the policy framed in the SP government to give grants to Aaliya level madrassas. Argued that when they are fulfilling the norms, why are they also not being given grant under the policy? In the case of a madrasa in Mau, the High Court directed the government to give grants.

According to sources, instead of giving grants, the government intended to end that policy itself. At present, the government is giving grant of Rs 866 crore every year to 558 madrassas of the state. From the grant, 12 teachers of madrassas (four for Aaliya, three for Faukania and five for Tathaniya), besides the salary of the principal and one clerk are given.

Aliya has classes 9-10 while Fauquania has junior high school and Tathania has primary education. The children studying in these madrassas get all the facilities like the schools of the Basic Education Department.

Several steps for the improvement of madrassas: Yogi government made madarsa portal in the year 2017 to stop fake madrassas. At present only 16513 are on this web portal out of 19125 madrassas recognized by the Madrasa Board. Of these, 7442 madrasas are included in the modernization plan. All these madrassas are being investigated due to the apprehension of fraud in this scheme. NCERT syllabus has been implemented in madrasas. The government has put more emphasis on teaching modern subjects by reducing dini education, so that the children of madrassas can also be successful in competitive examinations.


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