The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has summoned Baldev Singh Sirsa, the president of Lok Bhalai Insaf Welfare Society (LBIWS) in connection with a case registered against a leader of the outlawed outfit, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) which is a Khalistani which promotes and propagates Khalistani ideology. Notably, Lokh Bhalai Insaf Welfare Society (LBIWS) is one of the unions participating in talks with the Government over the new farm laws.

The NIA headquarters has summoned Sirsa to appear before it in New Delhi on January 17 for questioning in the case against SFJ’s Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. Gurpatwant Singh Pannu was found by the NIA to indulge in a conspiracy to create an “atmosphere of fear and lawlessness and to cause disaffection in people and to incite them towards rising in rebellion against the Government of India”.

Pertinently, on 12.01.2021, Attorney General K K Venugopal briefed the Supreme Court that the Government has “been informed there is a Khalistani infiltration in the ongoing farmers’ protests on Delhi’soutskirts.

The NIA has started issuing summons to Farmer Union leaders and several so-called activists for accepting funds from proscribed organisations like the Sikh For Justice linked to Khalistanis and Pakistan’s ISI. These controversial Farmer Leaders and other well known busy bodies have been reportedly summoned for answering questions relating to Sirsa is among several persons, including activists, who have been the case against Pannu under various sections of the IPC and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

These Farmer leaders with questionable antecedents along with political parties with vested interests have been holding the country to ransom by fuelling mob violence like destroying 1500 telecom towers in Punjab under thegarb of farmers’ protest. The main seems to be to stop India becoming self -reliant by strengthening its economy by uplifting the agriculutre and bringing in much needed reforms in the farm sector.

Notably, these nefarious farmer leaders along with political support and financial support from ISI backed Khalistani organisations have openly declared to scuttle the Republic Day Procession in Rajpath on 26 January, 2021 by organising a tractor rally. The Modi Government has filed petitions in the Supreme Court to curtail this condemable move.

It is pertinent to note here that the “Tukde Tokde Gang” of people like Prashanth Bhushan, Arundhaty Roy etc have been campaining for decades for stopping the practice of celebrating 26 January, with Republic Day Parades. Their motto is to create hatred for the Indian Armed Forces, who secure our country’s borders and nation from the attack of Jihadi terrorists and the expansionist neo-colonial Chins which wants to grab India’s land and take over the enitre North East from us. Notably, these character’s ideological parent was busy welcoming Chinese army in India in 1962, with slogans, “China Der Chairman Amar Chairman” (China’s Chairman, Mao is our Chairman).

So, the anti-India forces are shooting over the shlouders of the small and marginal Indian farmers with ulterior motives of decimating both the farmers, who comprise a major portion of our Armed Forces and hurt the countries interest as China is no longer able to contain and supress India like before as it got a bloody nose for trying to illegally occupy Indian territory in Ladakh in 2020.

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