A few days back , we all saw how feminists were gloating and celebrating as to how Mandira Bedi had smashed patriarchy when she lit the pyre of her husband.

Dilip Kumar Funeral: सुपुर्द-ए-खाक हुए बाॅलीवुड अभिनेता दिलीप कुमार

How it was a message against (Brahmnical ) Patriarchy (Is there any other type ? ).

RIP Dilip Kumar: Legendary actor buried at Juhu Qabrastan, see emotional  funeral pics | IWMBuzz

Then I saw the funeral of Dilip Kumar Ji. No visual of any woman at the kabristan.

AI also searched for tweets from these ANTI-(BRAHMNICAL) patriarchy feminists.

SAW NONE . So why does the absence of ANY WOMAN in a muslim funeral not hurt feminists? Why don’t they best bosoms over Islamic Patriarchy, Sunni Patriarchy , Shia Patriarchy , Bohra Patriarchy , Ahmediyya Patriarchy?

I understand Saira Banoo ji is very old, but SOME oyher women could have gone ? NO woman was present there .

Why only celebrate smashing of Brahmanical Patriarchy ?

So typical. HYPOCRITES

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