I am especially dedicating this write up to my Indian American friends in the US who are still watching late-night shows and laughing at Trump and Bannon.

Yes, when Trump delivers that National Emergency speech on COVID 19 there’s nothing to make light of, but then wait, a cameraman can be told to capture the before and after moments, right? Right? I actually saw a clip where Trump is lied to and told that the camera is not rolling anymore! Why? Clear and plain as the blue skies of summer, I could see the plan to trivialize a somber moment in Trump politics, as he addressed the nation regarding the COVID crisis. If not for this manipulation, what then would be the fodder for late-night shows Trump laugh series?

Once I was a DEMOCRAT – A DIM MOCK RAT I’ll never be!

I was a Democrat for a long time. After all, I am an immigrant. It is much like in the UK where Indian citizenry voted Labor for the longest time, until Kashmir, CAA, and other battles hit the international circuit. If you can’t win in the Asian sub-continent take your battles elsewhere, right? Luckily the UK citizens woke up to the reality of Labor party, its hardcore stance against India and they voted en bloc to elect Bo Jo.

Indian Roots Really?

And I ask where did the Democrats go? I have wined and dined with good old Biden once as he rolled out his folksy charm many years ago. But I am not getting caught up in that anymore. Under the charm belies the hard reality of hardline politics that is sweeping the DEMOCRATS. There is a sinister group of sold-out Congressmen and women who will say anything ANTI INDIA without qualms or inhibitions. What prompts these DEMOCRATS to vote against Modi and his democratically passed bills in India?

62 Democrat Congressmen and women and 100s of city councils passed resolutions against the nullification of 370 in Kashmir – Why- because the strong Pakistani lobby has powerful funding, not because nullification of 370 restored Human rights in Jammu and Kashmir.

Democrat led Anti India Campaign: Anti Kashmir and Anti CAA resolutions being passed in US

Many more DEMOCRAT Congressmen and women and their City Councils are passing resolutions against the Indian CAA amendment, the most humane law to allow persecuted minorities of neighboring states to live lives of dignity in India. See Nimittekam.org an organization I work with closely in Jaipur that supports these fleeing minorities https://nimittekam.org/

And what about the BLM and looting and riots and campaign to defund police? Are my Democrat friends in favor of a destabilized USA? One that allows for random crimes, and a rise in homicides that have taken place recently. Wall Street Journal reported the high spike in homicides here:


I ask my Indian American friends, how are the Democrats washing off their sins in your eyes? The murder of George Floyd happened in a blue state, by a registered Democrat called Chauvin. And yet you say that the Trump government is to be blamed for Police atrocities? The so-called progressive -Left led by Bernie Sanders, Pramila Jayapal, Kshama Sawant, and Ro Khanna has turned Democrats into far-Left Socialists.

As my Romanian immigrant friend says, I have seen Socialism up close, where chaos rules, man is pitted against man and there is no bread to eat. Is that where the Democrats want to lead us? Or to be another secretive and autocratic China?


Another sinister move: Caste in America is a serious ploy to damage Indian Americans on false pretenses. A state department sues Cisco, in Democrat Socialist California

And what about the Caste politics that is being propagated by the Democrat ruled state of California. A city department issuing a tech company, in a capitalist country for “Caste” based discrimination! Which alternate reality are we part of now?

Something not yet part of US jurisprudence so far, but not so far behind. Do you want Caste politics to enter the US? Do you want your children to write essays on Caste as they are being asked to in DC and Texas? Do you want your HR departments to be targeting Indian technocrats for Caste-based discrimination? Do you want your children to read textbooks with such biased views about India, which we are fighting everyday?

Media, Social Media, and late-night shows are all sold out to the deep pockets of left-liberal politics since the days of FDR. If well-read intelligent Indian Americans cannot see which side their bread is buttered and where their interests lie, we will soon be doomed to live as second class citizenry in our glorious country of the United States of America. I love my country and I will never vote for hard-line socialism to take the USA.

Joe Biden wants to teach Islamic theology in schools in the US. That’s what theocratic Islamic states do!

All I hear from Indian Americans is, Trump is against immigrants and against immigration. Trump is for US and US jobs. The Indian American trade and military partnership has never been stronger. UK Indians knew what to do, they voted in BoJo, and what a fantastic turnaround for Indian immigrants in the UK. Joe Biden will defeat the strategic interests of India, the Indo Pacific alliance, the Quad, and go back to the status quo from the Obama era in business, military strategy, and politics. Biden and Harris are already talking against Kashmir and CAA. Modi-Trump built up a relationship that will stand India for a long time, but only if you vote with open eyes. Vote for US India relations. The worst danger is that the sinister war against Indian Americans playing out in Silicon Valley, in city councils, and in Oprah Winfrey’s caste rhetoric is going to undermine Indian Americans. Vote for jobs, law, and order, and most importantly, vote for Democracy and true American values. Say no to DIM MOCK RATS #VoteTrump2020.

If you’re still not convinced about the danger of the new wave sweeping the Democrats and their strange bedfellow Socialism then I leave you with another powerful attack on the core values of our country by Joe Biden and his advocacy for Islamic schooling and need for theology in schools in the USA. What happened to our American values and when did they become so dispensable and up for sale?

JOE BIDEN……… Going Once………., Going Twice!…….SOLD!! for a MILLION MUSLIM AMERICAN VOTES!!

Joe Biden wants to teach Islamic theology in schools, that’s what theocratic Islamic states do!!

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