From 14th to 20th August 2021, some organizations in Maharashtra organizing some functions/agitations to express the pain for the Murder of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar who was shot dead by some unknown persons on the Omkareshwar Bridge in Pune on 20.8.2013. While his followers and family members have every right to mourn for his death, I came across in media that you would be addressing an online function as chief Guest on 20th August.

Much information is available about you online, the books you have written and the cult status they have attained, your studies in rural India etc. What appealed me most was your attitude of non-acceptance of government awards with a principle that ‘ journalists should not accept awards from governments they cover and critique. Cherishing the values of a journalist is a difficult task in the present chaotic situation and I remember having read about you being the first among the torch bearers on the issue of ‘Paid News’ when talking about the same is an obvious taboo.

There are few men to equal you in the presesnt situation and therefore I felt that I should write to you the questions which keep on coming to my mind. Since you may be the fit person to investigate and bring out the truth before public.

This letter is about Dabholkar and Pansare Murder and the mysteries surrounding the same.


After Dabholkar was shot dead on 20.8.2013, Pune Police had arrested two illegal arms dealers. It was based on a Forensic Report which stated that the weapon seized from this duo was used to murder Dabholkar. Forensic Lab had given the report based on detailed examination of the weapons which were seized in a different case.

No Investigation on the Pistol angle

The pistol was recovered by Police from Thane District on day of murder albeit in another case from two accused named Khandelwal and Nagori. Thus, from first day, the said pistol was in the custody of Thane Police, then with Pune Police and thereafter with CBI. It was a period when no family member demanded that those illegal arms dealers should be punished.

Forensic Lab Bangalore claimed that one of the pistols by which Pansare was murdered was also earlier used in Dabholkar Murder. The moot question was, how the pistol, which was in the custody of CBI travelled to Kolhapur to shoot Pansare and came back safely in custody. To clear themselves from this conspiracy, CBI is claimed to have conducted another Forensic Lab, but to my frugal knowledge of the subject, all forensic tests are of equal importance and there is no ‘Supreme Court is superior to High Court’ anology for the same. Then how family is not raising any questions on such issues – till now I have not heard family members demanding any particular officer of CBI. The only demand is to indirectly target Sanatan? is it acceptable to you?

The family members to not criticize the CBI for this? neither they demand prosecuting the illegal arms dealer from whom the pistol was confiscated, nor arresting the Pune Police who falsely arrested those arm dealers. Is it a right thing to happen ? is it acceptable to you ? or you also want the investigation to derail in a particular way ?

Why Dabholkar Family does no demand for the arrest of Pune Police? only because when the Police did it, Congress and NCP were in Power and BJP Not? either the Khandelwal and Nagori are guilty for possessing the pistol used in murder or the police are guilty for the wrongful prosecution and destruction of evidence, why then the family is conveniently silent on this ? would you ask them a question on this openly from the stage?

How the investigation can be FAMILY MAN 1 and FAMILY Man 2 ?

Initially the CBI arrested Dr. Tawade and claimed that he was the mastermind and Sarang Akolkar and Vinay Pawar are the shooters. The chargesheet is filed on this basis and two eyewitnesses to murder claim to have identified Sarang Akolkar and Vinay Pawar. This happened in 2016.

How then in 2018, the very same CBI changes it’s stand and now claims that Sachin Andure and Sharad Kalaskar shot Dr. Dabholkar – on the basis of yet another eye-witness?

All along, the family and members of Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti took up a campaign to hunt down Sarang Akolkar and Vinay Pawar, thousands of photographs of this duo were pasted by MANS Members in entire India. Would CBI and Dabholkar Family now apologize to the family members of Sarang AKolkar and Vinay Pawar. Would you not insist in such moral apology ?

Another question

How the Investigation Agency can change the shooters at their convenience? How the Dabholkar family allows such change in shooters? How you would call this an investigation? Only insistence is that one way or the other some member of Sanatan Sanstha must be roped in, the issue must be kept alive ?

Mr. Sainath, would you support this ?

The story does not end there, with numerous flaws in the investigation, Dabholkar was not handling his organization in a transparent and fair way.

The Office of the Assistant Charity Commissioner has sent a proposal to the Charity Commissioner seeking special audit of his trust – some of the issues are as follows,

1. Siphoning of the funds raised from sale of Books – the expenditure of publishing books is shown in the accounts but revenue from sales and advertising is not show. Does it not mean corruption ?

2. Non reflection of advertise, subscription and sale income of the Magazine – The magazine (Andhashraddha Nirmulan Vartapatra) – a monthly has been reflected in the accounts solely for the purpose of it’s printing, postage and such expenses – whereas the advertisement, across the counter sale and subscription income is not reflected at all in some cases

3. The expenditure on various issues is not proper

4. The income generated from various branch offices is not at all shown in the books of accounts of the Trust by Dabholkar.

5. Vehicle is given without following norms

6. Property is sold without the permission of the Charity Commissioner – a blatant violation of law

7. Some other trust is merged into his trust – but the incoming assets are not shown

Would you support such a corrupt man and his organization ?

The issue does not end here – In the remote areas of Maharashtra which are naxal prone – the office bearers of his organization were involved in Naxal Activities – arrested by people – The State Intelligence Report quoted his organization as the supporter of Naxal ( I am talking of the Congress period in 2011 and not be BJP period)

Your trust, Counter Media Trust, is said to be working in Rural Parts of Maharashtra though for some curious reason the trust is not registered in Maharashtra but in Delhi. The questions I posed are from Maharashtra, so either you have knowledge of the darker side of selective wailing of the Dabholkar Family or you want to be a part of it. And in case you have heard this first time from me, now. Then it is my request to independently investigate all such aspects and then preside over and address the said function on the death anniversary of Dr. Dabholkar – would be my sincere request to you.

Chetan Rajhans Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha.

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