Dear Modi ji ,

There was a tweet by PIB about Minister Jitendra Singh extending an invitation to British Companies to “ exploit the huge business opportunities in North Eastern Region. Welcomes Proposals for teaching Science and Mathematics in all 8 states in the region”.

I find this mind boggling for the following reasons –

–       Do we not have teachers in India ? Or Organisations that can provide education?

–       Hasn’t enough damage been done to our education system by archaic and discriminatory laws since 1950s and the rabid influence of Cong cabal on education content ?

–       North East has been a huge victim of Church expansion plans. The indigenous people have lost their identity. Hindus have faced problems.  If there is indeed an opportunity for education in North East – should we be addressing it as a nation or inviting overseas companies ?

–       UK is a country which itself lacks trained teachers. They can do themselves a favor by keeping their teachers on their soil and teaching the Islamic immigrants who are in urgent need of education and common sense.

–       Let’s assume for a moment that contracts go to UK companies. What will they do ? Employ local people. With great efforts by your govt FCRA has been tightened. Due to this many Church and dubious NGO people are jobless. British companies will recruit them as teachers. Starting a fresh wave of conversion / anti India mindset in North East.

–       Let’s even assume that the UK companies will hire genuine people. Even in that scenario what will happen ? The teachers will get a salary. Profits to the UK companies. Is this a way for Bharat to become Atmanirbhar ?

–       Courtesy the pandemic employment is a huge issue. If we have a need in some part of the country and skilled manpower elsewhere – should we look at creating a “Made in India” and “Made for India” solution or inviting foreign companies ?

 Frankly it is appalling that this action has come from a Minister from the Centre.
One could have understood this if it was initiated by Minister from Bengal or Maharashtra.

 Protecting education is as important as securing Rafale fighters and latest ammunition.

Education prepares the future of the country. It is NOT ‘ a business opportunity to be exploited’. Education is as critical as Defence. Perhaps more so.

 India has been exploited enough – by invaders and it’s own people. We need an era of nurturing and strengthening the country. Your tireless efforts in this regard inspire us.

 Humbly request your urgent and personal attention to this matter. And a policy + SOP to ensure that opportunities in India are met by Indian companies.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
An Indian Citizen 

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