On and off we see Hinduphobic tweets and posts of our sculptures and Devis (Goddesses) being scantily clad. We also see comments calling them “Sexy and desirable” and how Hindus should cover them up if we do not want to hear such comments. One would probably think that these comments are increasing in number now because of the Social Media but if one were to think a little more deeply, one would realize that this is because of an increase in subtle and/or open radicalization especially among the non-Hindus and more so among the Muslims. One would also notice the proportional increase in “burkhaisation” of the Muslim women in Bharat in recent years.

You know that Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb that everyone is beating their chests about? Well, the revelation here is that the ones crying the most are the non-Hindus and it is not about Hindus at all – it is about the loss of Hindu culture among the Muslims. For centuries now, the converted Muslims ate food which was similar to the food eaten by the Hindus, dressed themselves up in sarees, salwar kameezes, dhoti-kurtas, pant-shirt, like the Hindus, learnt Shastriya Sangeet in the same way as the Hindus and even sang Bhakti songs like the Hindus. They did not behave like those belonging to an alien culture. Post 70s the Gulf countries started becoming rich and things changed. A new-found need to assert their identity as being different was injected into the masses, especially through their Madarassas.

There is no motivation greater than money and lust to corrupt men – treason, honey trapping, blackmail, terrorism – all start with lust and money. To wean away Muslims from their identity as Bharatiyas and indulge in terrorism, their Mullahs started talking only about how Jihad would ensure that the men would get 72 virgins in Paradise. They also drove them into more lust by describing vividly the act of copulation and the physical attributes of the virgins in Paradise. Along with this, they continuously harped on the fact that women were objects of pleasure, to be treated as servants of the husbands who could expect anything of them without any protest. They also visibly encouraged polygamy, talaq and halala, all of which made the community eye women with only feelings of lust. Little wonder then that they started seeing merit in covering up their women in Burkhas. The elderly mothers in the family continued to dress up in regular Indian clothes, but the younger women were forced or ‘motivated’ to wear the Burkha. This happened even in Kashmir where traditionally the women wore the Pheran which already covered all form from head to toe. 

At the same time, they were also ‘encouraged’ to eat only Halal food, sing only praises to their God, not indulge in any act which showed respect to other religions (because all the rest were Kaffir). Now these men with their minds full of lust, unable to use their creativity to think outside the box they were now fit into, set their eyes on women from other communities. The increase in Love Jihads, rape jihad, etc. is a result of that. They also try to shame Hindu Goddesses on various Social Media platforms by making Cartoons and Memes which show our Devis in bad light. Especially Kali Mata… For them it is inconceivable that Kali (in their minds She is just a woman) could be so uninhibited in Her nature and so powerful. So this community which now prides itself on lust and bodily pleasures, even after death (if that were even possible!) spews vulgar thoughts about Her and our other Goddesses, while keeping their own women under wraps and without any rights.

Not to be left behind are the Bharatiya Christians with their newfound HATRED for Hindus combined with newfound LOVE for Hindu Culture. They misappropriate our festivals (Janmashtami, Onam, etc.), forms of worship (Yoga, Surya namaskar, Garba, Diyas, tree lamps, Rangolis), dance forms (Bharatnatyam, Kathakali), classical Karnatic music, our Gods (Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva – all are now Jesus), our Scriptures (Kristu Bhagwatam), our Kalash and Kodi-mara (Dhwaja Sthambh), and whatever else they can steal from us. But they are in the forefront in the race to flaunt their ‘Victorian Morals’ and shame our Goddesses as being scantily clad and calling our women and our rituals as regressive.

Adding to the filthy thoughts of these non-Hindus who do not want to respect our ancient culture are the Leftists and pseudo-Hindus, both of who want to tout themselves as Atheists in public, but don’t hesitate to do Pujas in their own houses (calling only authentic Brahmin priests to do the same). Regularly they pollute young minds and innocent rural or forest dwellers by calling our Gods as evil, jealous, lusty, cruel and what not and repeating the false narrative that the Rakshasas and Asuras mentioned in our texts are actually either Dalits or Adivasis. They also harp on the now-falsified narrative of the Aryan Invasion Theory to paint all Brahmins, Kshatriyas, etc as evil. But they don’t mind using men and women from these castes itself to call our Hindu Devis as “Sexy” and “Nude” and then encourage women to go braless, showing off their cleavage and all in an attempt to become “Modern”.

So what should the Hindu do?

– Teach your children about your culture, Sanatan Dharma and its various Gods and Goddesses and teach them to respect all forms and the formless too.

– Do not feel ashamed of your Dharma and your culture. Yours is the only religion which DOES NOT OBJECTIFY WOMEN. Only Hinduism has female Goddesses and treats women as SHAKTI.

– Contemplate and Analyze every time a hateful and vicious narrative is seen. Then Answer back based on your ability without using abusive language. Do not let it go unchallenged, but do not lose your innate goodness too.

–  Those Hindus who disrespect our Gods & Goddesses and objectify them should contemplate on why they have become so deracinated and why they want to tout the ancient glory but without its rituals.

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