A huge conspiracy is underway to Islamise India for the ultimate goal of Ghazwa-e-Hind. One of the most potent weapon of Islamisation is Love Jihad. The victims of Love Jihad are all non-Muslim young women be it Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains or Christians. The Dainik Jagran reports that nearly 20,000 young women in India are becoming victims of Love Jihad every year in India. But only one percent of the victims of Love Jihad manage to lodge police complaints.

Even the one percent cases of Love Jihad, which do get filed as police complaints, are all systematically blacked out by the leftist-Islamist dominated mainstream media. When these cases manage to tumble out in the social media and receive great traction, the mainstream media is quick to dub them as ‘fake’ or a conspiracy to kill ‘freedom to love’ / ‘freedom of choice’. This so-called choice which the secularists would like us to believe is like choosing to be ISIS brides.

The author is not against true love, but is against the concept of using fake love as a weapon to convert non-Muslims to Islam. Why should the non-Muslim spouse in a marriage with Muslim convert to Islam? Or why is it that invariably the children of such marriages are mostly openly Muslim or at best anti-Hindus with Hindu names? How can such marriages be called ‘secular’ or ‘inter-faith marriages’ – as for all purposes it is purely Islamic.

This phenomenon is a growing trend these days in India and western countries, especially Britain popularly called Romeo Jihad or Grooming Jihad, where Muslim men in an organised manner or lone wolfs prey on minor girls or young adults by misrepresenting as Hindus or Christians, befriend them by lavishing gifts on them entrap them in love-sexual relationships, videograph them, blackmail them for money, coerce them to convert to Islam and push them into sex trade and sex slavery. Before the girls start realising the trap it is invariably too late to extricate themselves and many of them end up being brutally killed for refusing to give in to the Jihadi pressures.

In Britain, like in India, the administration and so-called ‘civil society’ wanting to be seen as ‘woke’ try to brush under the carpet and abuse whoever tries to red flag Love Jihad as fundamentalists and racists. Christians are fast vacating many areas in Britain as they become Sharia compliant zones while police try to cover up the rapes and Grooming Jihad of young white Christian girls at Rotherham and elsewhere for hurting ‘inclusive sentiments’.

In India the situation is no better, not only are Love Jihad cases common in areas where Muslim population is 30% or more, there is now a concerted effort by jihadis to expand by using social media platforms to entrap minor girls, young women and even women in 20s and 30s who are going through a difficult marriage or are single and keen to settle down soon.

The Supreme Court, being very woke, denied that the Akhila Asokan conversion to Hadiya and marriage to Islamist outfit PFI linked Shafin Jehan as a sham marriage although the Kerala High Court had ruled the marriage to be invalid invalid. But during the course of the case, the NIA was asked to probe about organised groups attempting recruiting non-Muslim women as terrorists by getting Muslim men to entrap them, convert them and marry them. NIA investigated Love Jihad and organised conversions in Kerala and found that there were several such reported cases as many as 90 where the victims were indoctrinated and radicalised. The NIA termed it “psychological kidnapping” where the victim is completely brainwashed to the extent of becoming a zombie and lacks the clarity to assess what is good for their physical and mental well being.

Unfortunately due to Bollywood and the entertainment industry of India being infested with rabid anti-Hindu leftists and Islamists, Love Jihad is promoted as great ultimate love where non-Muslim girls, all Hindu, are depicted eloping Muslim men to escape ‘demonic’ Hindu parents and brothers. Young Hindu children of secular Hindus grow up watching this hogwash and nurse an non-existent ‘Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb’ ‘love’ as an ultimate glory. The movies cleverly always show Hindu characters, especially devout or religious figures as devilish and oppressive. Whereas Muslim characters, Islamic religious figures are always shown as ocean of kindness and love in complete contrast to reality.

Many BJP ruled states like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh have already brought in legislations to curb this menace, while Gujarat and Assam BJP governments are in the process of making stricter legislations against Love Jihad.

Hindu parents and society needs to educate the children not only about our rich tradition and spiritual values, but also the difference between Sanatan Dharma and predatory Abrahamic faiths. The ‘Sarva Dharma Sadbhavana’ and ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ concept intrinsic to Sanatan Dharma should not be read as being tolerant to intolerant faiths and invasion of Sanatan Dharma. Non-Muslim parents and elders in civilized society need to gear up to face the challenges of Love Jihad at a war footing. If we continue to live in denial our generation would be guilty of being negligent and aiding the Abrahamics to wipe out Sanatan Dharma. So, for Sanatan Dharma to remain Sanatan or eternal, we Sanatanis need to shoulder our responsibilities rather than trying to appear ‘woke’ for a few silver coins.


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