Sushant Singh Rajput Case: An investigation being manipulated?

A possible reason to why Rhea’s angle has erupted after a month full of robust investigation and not earlier is that it is a deliberate attempt to wittingly sideline and protect the big movie mafias who might were involved in Sushant’s case. For which, Rhea and her family might be paid hefty sums by these big fishes. The constant public pressure and the demand of a CBI probe in Sushant’s case should be considered immediately as immense pressure over Mumbai police has left it over burdened and might result in a lack of efficiency or incompetence.

Zorawar Singh and Sengge Namgyal – The Validity of Indian Claims on Tibet

This is in fact, the claim of both China today and the Dogra General Zorawar Singh then. While Zorawar Singh claimed Guge as a part of Ladakh and tried to take it over, China claims Shipki La etc for being a part of Guge and Ladakh because it's a part of Tibetan Empire...Going by the strategic importance Minsar and Darcheng have, commanding the access to Lipulekh, Maryum and Tinker Passes and slicing G219 into two, it makes much sense for India to reassert Indian and Bhutanese sovereignty in a manner it deems fit.

gift of Colonialism: The Nazi Haken Kreuz (hooked Cross) will continue to haunt the ‘Swastika’

The New York Bill declaring 'Swastika' as a symbol of hate, has stalled. But history tells us that we have to do more than stalling misguided legislation to reclaim back our enduring symbol of wellness from the White Supremacists. The reclamation of the Swastika is a metaphor for the reclamation and revival of Hindu Dharma from centuries of colonialism. We have to proactively work towards educating the rest of the world that maligning our ancient heritage would be a step backwards in promoting interfaith harmony and would lead to increase in hate crimes. For the sake of honesty, safety and well being of our future generations, we must demand that the meaning and significance of Swastika be redeemed, so that the hate crimes against Jews, Hindus or any other community is not perpetuated in the name of ignorance.