We are seeing the Pappu, Pinki and Italian queen speaking about so called Congress Ideology.

Let me clarify the kind of Economic, Social  and Political system they have tried to build and have built so far and their so called “IDEOLOGY”

First, lets come to the economic system they have built so far.

  1. Loot in the name of poor: When tears are shed in the name of poor, it is not for the benefit of poor. Most of their schemes meant for poor is mired with neck deep corruption. Whether it is MNREGA or any other scheme, corruption is rampart. Bank nationalization was done to help the poor, but in reality all Public Sector Banks became hot beds for loot. We are hearing the names of Vijay Mallaya, Choksi now. Earlier, such people looted and no one even knew about them. All PSUs are hot beds of corruption.
  2. Keep people poor, throw freebies to win elections: Never make people prosperous.  If India develops economically, then people wont look out for freebies, they will question you. Hence, we had seen abysmal rates of growth during most of Gandhi rule. The way is straight forward: Keep people poor and throw freebies during elections to come to power.
  3. Create Public sector and discourage private sector: The clan is a big fan of public sector. Because, if the society is dominated by PSUs, then the Clan can have influence in matters of appointment, procurement, contract and hence can create an ecosystem (of corrupt, inefficient people) dependent upon them and always want to keep them in power. Why discourage the private sector?  Because private sector is efficient and hence will compete and throw the PSUs off the market.

Hence, for the dynasty, Socialism means loot in the pretext of helping poor. 

Lets come to the social system.

Over the period of time, the fake Gandhis have shunned the Gandhian ideology of “sarvadharm samabhava” and have Talibanized the Congress. Read here.

Being pro-Muslim is nothing wrong as they are citizens of India. The dynasty is following an aggressive policy of Mullah/Maulivi appeasement. It is siding with the regressive elements of the Muslim society. Why? They (Islamic clergy) will keep Muslims backward and hence they will always get their support to cement their hold on power. And that’s the precise reason why Rajiv Gandhi overturned the progressive verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Shah Bano case. And that’s why Sonia Gandhi vociferously opposed the law criminalizing triple-talaq passed by the Modi Govt. They are opposed to any steps against Nikah Halala, Polygamy and Madrassa system of education.

Hence, for the dynasty, Secularism =  Talibanization. 

Lets come to their concept of democracy.

Is the dynasty committed to democracy? Lets look at the following incidents.

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru became the PM of India in-spite of getting 1 vote where as Patel had got 12 votes out of 15 votes.
  2. Indira Gandhi declared emergency with the sole intent of destroying democracy.
  3. During the emergency she made sweeping changes in our constitution after  jailing all opposition leaders. The intent of all changes were nothing but to destroy democracy.
  4. Sonia is the Congress President for last 23 years without elections.
  5. Pappu became the President with he alone contesting.

Hence, for the dynasty, democracy means absolute, unbridled power for the family. 

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