Andhra Pradesh has now become a target for Inquisition by the Christian Missionaries aided by the active support of the government of Andhra Pradesh under Christian CM Jaganmohan Reddy and his Pastor brother-in-law Anil Kumar. More than 125 Hindu temples have till now been vandalized with its idols broken by criminals at large. No serious action has been taken by Jaganmohan Reddy so far. In fact to add salt to the wound he ordered an inquiry on the matter by a Hindu hater ADGP (CID) Christian Sunil Kumar to white wash the hate crimes.

Emboldened by the support of government machinery in Andhra, Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy openly boasts on video, tweeted by Legal Rights Protection Forum, about Kicking idols of Hindu Gods in ‘Christ Villages’ created by him in Andhra Pradesh. Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy is the President of ‘Sylom Blind Centre’ and notorious for creating Christ Villages by converting hundreds of villages to Christianity.

In a video titled, “Christ Villages” Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy brazenly boasts about creating hundreds of Christ Villages by converting all inhabitants of the village into Christians. Without even flinching, he brazenly boasts that once the whole village is converted to Christianity, he kicks the idols of Hindu Gods made of stone and the trees considered holy, such as Peepal tree etc with his leg in front of the whole public. He reiterates that he kicks the stone idols of Hindu Gods to demonstrate that they are fake Gods.

Pastor Praveen in the aforementioned video says with impunity and perverse glee that, “So there are many cases which (sic) I have kicked the God’s heads and I was so happy”. His merry perverse hatred for Hinduism and Hindu Gods in the video is utterly sickening and disgusting for any Hindu. It is monstrously astonishing that Pastor Praveen gets away by indulging in such abhorrent behaviour in a country populated with 100 crore Hindus without even a whimper of a protest by the media and civil society. Imagine if a hindu priest had done the same thing to a Jesus Christ idol or Mother Mary’s idol the media would have gone on asecular rant for months together and there would have been international censure declaring India as an intolerant country inhabited by Hindu bigots.

The Legal Rights Protection Forum took up this case and filed a complaint on December 5, 2020 to the Ministry of Home against this despicable Pastor and his organisation for misusing foreign funds for illegal conversions, hurting Hindu sentiments, violating various sections of the IPC and FCRA regulations.

The Legal Rights Protection Forum also exposed Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy in another video tweeted by them on January 11, 2021. In the video, Pastor Praveen is seen talking online with his foreign donor in the US. The foreign donor announces to Praveen that he has raised $61,000 for Christian conversion works in India and offers Pastor Praveen $10,000 for mini Bibles. In the video Pastor Praveen can be seen saying, “We have 3642 Pastors in our association and have made 699 Christ Villages so far. We will make it 700 in a month”.

The Legal Rights Protection Forum reported on January 13, 2021 by a tweet that as per the information recieved by them this despicable Pastor, Praveen Chakravarthy notorious for kicking idols of Hindu Gods and creating ‘Christ Villages’ in Andhra Pradesh was arrested by the AP CID police on January 12, 2021 under Sections 153(A), 153(B), 505(2), 295(A), 124(A) and 115 of the Indian Penal Code read with Section 66(F) of the I.T. Act.

It is hoped that such rabid Hindu hating Christian Pastors are prosecuted against and locked up under more stringent provisions. Their organisations should be also banned, accounts should be frozen and assets seized. Their funding agencies abroad should also be blacklisted and deregistered under FCRA. The Indian Government should alos prosecute foreign citizens and organisations who provide funds for such illegal activities and indulge in spreading hate and unrest in society which would eventually lead to full blown riots if not nipped in the bud by timely legal action.

Andhra Pradesh famous for its ancient Hindu temples, a cradle of classical art, music dance and Vedic studies during the rule of the Vijayanagara Dynasty is now fast degenerating to a place of broken temples with radical Christians kicking around the severed heads of idols of Hindu Gods under hard core Christian CM, Jaganmohan Reddy.

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