After the students of AIIMS Delhi performed a skit where they mocked, made fun and insulted Sanatan Dharma and Prabhu Shree Ram. Now, similar case came up from Tohana district of Haryana where students of a Christian institution,St.Mary’s School in the name of acting in a skit, mocked and insulted Ma Sita and Prabhu Shree Ram.St Mary’s school organised a play insulting Ramayan, Prabhu Shree Ram and Ma Sita.

Hate against hindus is now getting institutionalised through minority run schools of Christians and Muslims. The institutions run by minorities especially Christians and Muslims think that they can easily get away by mocking Sanatan Dharma which is true because of the extra preferential treatment given to them by our law and order.

Hindu IT cell team spoke with the principle of St.Mary school, Rajeev Sharma. He accepted his mistake and issued an apology. He also assured us that such thing will never happen again.

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