Similar to the riots in North-East Delhi two years ago, violence was planned in Jahangirpuri as well. According to the sources associated with the crime branch, not only has the PFI funded for this, but it had also started plotting it several days ago.

Not only this, a day before Hanuman’s birth anniversary, the members of PFI had prepared a strategy to disrupt the procession and carry out violence by meeting in Jahangirpuri. About 25 people including Ansar, Sonu Chikna and Salim attended the meeting. However, the Crime Branch officials are still refraining from saying anything about it.

In February 2020, the involvement of PFI was first detected in the case of riots in North-East Delhi and Shaheen Bagh protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). According to the sources of the Crime Branch, the way in which these riots were funded through PFI. In the same way, the Crime Branch has received information about funding for the Jahangirpuri violence in the investigation so far. After this, in a confidential manner, the crime branch has started investigation from the angle of funding as well.

Sources say that in the investigation, the crime branch has got information of 20 to 25 such people, who were active during the CAA and NRC protests as well as during the North-East Delhi riots. The location of all these has been found in Jahangirpuri on 15 April. Only after this the investigation of the crime branch has progressed in this direction.

There was a conspiracy to cause a bigger riot than North-East Delhi – According to the sources associated with the Crime Branch, a conspiracy was hatched in Jahangirpuri to cause a bigger riot than North-East Delhi. For this, the members of PFI had held several meetings. After this, weapons were provided to the miscreants.

The miscreants expected that a stampede would break out as soon as they started pelting stones and firing on the procession. Many people will die in this and violence will erupt on a large scale. For this, about 20 members of PFI were present in Jahangirpuri on the day of violence to instigate people. More than 100 PFI student wing members also live in Jahangirpuri.

PFI link exposed in North-East Delhi riots – The supplementary charge sheet which has been filed in the Delhi riots case recently. The link of PFI has also been exposed in it. In the charge sheet, it has been said that the wire of this organization is linked to terrorist Dr. Sabeel Ahmed. Sabeel Ahmed is the mastermind of the terrorist attack on Glasgow airport in Scotland. Referring to the same charge sheet, NIA has said that PFI has links with Sabeel and other terrorists.


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