The Sufi Islamic Board has reaffirmed its demand of banning PFI claiming that the Popular Front of India (PFI) is acting on orders from Al-Qaeda. Sufi Islamic Board spokesperson Kashish Warsi told Republic TV that the PFI has been involved in inciting Indian Muslims for many years and that they have received a death threat from Al-Qaeda after requesting a ban on the PFI.

Warsi stated, “PFI has been found involved in many anti-national activities. It’s been some time since we have requested the government to ban the PFI and now after Al-Qaeda’s death threat to the Sufi Islamic Board, it is proved the PFI is a part of the Al-Qaeda. We appeal to the Central government to ban PFI and take strict action against them.”

Warsi, the Sufi Islamic Board’s spokesperson, thanked the government for deleting the Twitter account from which they were receiving death threats.

When questioned about his thoughts on the ongoing Gyanvapi case, he avoided commenting stating that it is still under investigation. However, believes that the court’s decision should be upheld. He stated, “To comment on a subjudice matter amounts to contempt of court. Whatever the judgement of the court in the matter, everybody should accept it.”

PFI and SDPI are “extremist” organisations, Kerala High Court conceded

The Kerala High Court recently came to the conclusion that the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and its parent organisation, the Popular Front of India (PFI), are unquestionably extremist organisations. Justice K Haripal of the High Court, who presided over a single-judge bench, agreed that the organisation was involved in significant acts of violence, but said that they were not prohibited.

RN Ravi, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, made another significant point about PFI during a book launch. Ravi described the PFI as a “danger to India” in his speech, adding that the radical group has 16 fronts to hide its genuine operations. He then detailed how the organisation was disguising itself as a political party and a human rights and rehabilitation organisation.

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