Tamil Nadu, a glorious land of Temple and spiritual tradition is witnessing the abject plunder of Hindu faith today. With the patronage of vested interest group, the Missionary, the Waqf and land brokers have been successful in illegally encroaching the temple lands. After Government have taken control of management, the Hindu religious trust and temple bodies are defenseless today. The sleeping Hindu Society has only emboldened such dubious nexus.

In one of the estimate, In Tamil Nadu today, nearly 20 percent of lands are in possession of Muslims and Christians. Missionary are the second largest land owner after Government in urban Tamil Nadu.¬† Yet the illegality of lease acquired from British Raj is not put to scrutiny or rescind.¬† The institution of Temple has become defenseless. Every day illegal encroachment are reported. Few of those reported in mainstream media should have awaken the society at least. Sad Story. Say for example…

Vedaranyam Vedaranyeswarar temple: – Outrageous would be one word to explain the status. The 6000 Sq. feet land of this Temple has been illegally occupied to build a House and a Madrasa by one Hameed. Despite losing an appeal in HC the State Machinery connived to let the illegal encroachment continue. The fact this Temple land was plundered away.

18th Century Temple at Pudukkottai district: – The Pentecostal Christians in connivances with the State machinery and lampoon elements conspired to encroach the water body. The repeated petition by Hindu believer could not move the authority. Finally it was a small motivated group of people who could lead the Valliant protest to dispel this encroaching lampoon elements.

Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple’s:- It is saddening to see St. Mary’s

Church’s is built upon an encroached 49 acre land worth Rs 600 cr. Yet a temple of religious and historical significance found no attention of the nation’s conscience.

Kanchipuram: – Nearly 50 Nomads who were residing for 17 years on land given by Government were forcibly grabbed by one Pastor Thangaraj. This day time robbery of land was reported to Government, no Justice done.

Ayyanar temple land at Ariyamangalam: – In the district of Nagapattinam Christian missionaries bought the temple land. The fact the temple property are not meant for sale and no one should have been authorized to execute an illegal sale deed, yet that happened with insidious connivances.

Yoga Narasimhar Temple (11th or 12th century): The ruins of this dilapidated temple tells the story of a Majestic Temple becoming victim of negligence and apathy of State control. The pillars, stone inscription, idols were either stolen or left to decay. And the land of temple had been systematically plundered.

Sivaloganathar and Swarnamukhi temple at Thennangudi village: A 1000 Year old historical temple under the control of HR and CE had witnessed one of the worst plunder of Temple land. Out of nearly 9.5 acre of Land all except 2000 sq. feet were encroached upon with local bodies’ connivances. Local citizen, priest and devotee faced brazen intimidation from the local thugs. Given the nexus with the administration, they were successful in usurping the land. It happened in the Mayiladuthurai district.

Perundurai: – The miscreants removed the idol of the temple. They also desecrated the Vinayagar idols. The building structure which were taken into control by miscreants became Godam for their commercial uses. The adjoining areas were usurped to dig sand. Yet again, Petition by local Hindus against this atrocious loot to the Government found no response.

Tiruchendru: – The hate against Hindus found no parallel here. Words would fall short. The department of HRCE formulated a policy in 2017-18-19 to build public toilets using Temple fund on temple land. In 2017-18, at an atrocious cost of 2.64 Cr, HREC built public Toilet on 3 temples land. Another 20.5 Cr rupee were spent in 2018-19 to build Public Toilets in 140 temple temples. In absence of proper maintenance it turn into a stinking zone for devotee in temple premises. Petition to HREC found no taker again.

Kailasanathar temple:  HREC built 3 public toilets on encroached Temple lands by Minority just behind the sanctum sanctorum. It was a matter of sinister conspiracy not a matter of public welfare. The foul smell and half-finished septic tank desecrated the Temple. Despite the repeated request, Both HREC and local authority were not willing to intervene.

Samanar Padugai РJain stone beds, it is believed to be nearly 1,500 years old at Theganurpatti village near Ginghees in Villupuram district. It was a place of archeological historical and religious importance. The rocks and the caves where so magnificent and imposing. Here the Jain monks stayed. There were several inscriptions, drawings and images of all the 24 Tirthankaras. The Missionary Church and Marxist conspired together to blow it using explosive. No one appeared to be bothered. 

Vinayagar temple at Perambalur: РThe temple for nearly 200 Hindu families were planned but could not be completed but due to conspiracy planned by Rower school and church authorities.  Government under pressure from Church stalled the construction despite the protest from Hindu citizens.

Tirunelveli Manimoortheswara Uchishta Ganapathy Temple: – Christians decided to build a cemetery in the temple land taken on 99 year of lease. This construction is in absolute violation of norms. Yet no one is bothered. Infect it should have stirred the conscience of authority to relook and rescind all the lease forthwith. Any idea about renewal of all completing lease should have been shelved immediately.

Temple properties at Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai, and Nagapattinam: The land were taken on lease by Muslim and Christian religious bodies. Since the control of Temple properties are not with Temple trust any more, gradual and illegal encroachment is happening. Strategically the front of Temple land are taken over on lease blocking the entire temple precincts.

Desecration of Temples: – Numerous cases of temple and idol desecration has happened in TN. Statue of Murugan stuffed in gunny bags were found in Tirunelveli. Similar incident of vandalism of Hindu temples in Coimbatore were reported. However no protection fencing or safety measures were ordered by HREC.

There has been brazen loot of public money and donation collected at TN Hindu Temples. Between 2011 and 2018 for example Government commissioner collected nearly Rs 23.45 cr alone from Sri Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple.

Hindus are simply unaware of such loot. 

Not many souls have awakened. The local political leadership and Hindu Society at large has to share blame for their insensitivities.  Few visionary individuals have raised their voice through their association and in their individual capacity. Shri T R Ramesh, President Temple Worshippers Society, H Raja a noted BJP leader, Ramanan P Ranganathan an activist and organizations like Indu Makkal Katchi and Hindu Munnani have been quite vociferous on these matters.

Time to come, the Hindu Society must rise and awaken itself for their religious and social rights. Until a society asserts and demand, no establishment has yielded. So would be in Sangam land also. We are optimistic and awaiting to see another glorious Sangam height tomorrow.

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